Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Changing Smiles

They are smiling now but these next few days aren't going to be smiling days.

We are heading for Shriners tonight. Tomorrow John will have surgery.  Knees and feet.  The goal is to get his feet flat and his left knee straight and his right knee bent. 

Aaron will have surgery on Friday.  Thumb.  They are taking his left thumb and changing its position. 

So that is that.

Smiles will change within 24 hours.

Rob and I will be working together to keep both boys entertained/comfortable/pain-free etc etc. 

We would covet prayers for them over the next few days/weeks.  They are both scared and hopeful and longing for bodies that don't require surgeries so they can do all the things that their friends can do. 

 It's hard being in their bodies sometimes. It's hard and over the next few days their hard will be even harder.

But they are both tough and resilient. The roads they have walked have made them that way.  They have dealt with more in their short lives than most people deal with in a lifetime.  They are tough little guys and we are beyond proud of both of them. 

Pray for them.  If you want to leave a comment here or on Facebook or send an e-mail letting them know you are praying along with a cheery note, I know they would love to hear from you.


  1. Praying for a speedy recovery boys! I hope you will be swimming in our pool this summer - I will have to setup some dates with your mama. Prayers and love from all the Stricklands.

  2. John and Aaron..many prayers for you both! May your recovery be quick and surgery successful!! Prayers and thoughts from Michigan!

  3. Please tell them we're praying for them, Julia! For stamina and patience for Papa and Mama, too!

  4. Prayers for quick healing, guys! Good thing God made you so very strong! He has big plans for you both!
    Julie in IL

  5. prayers for you and your family, for swift recovery and strength for the days ahead. the boys have come so far, God has a mighty plan for them both.

  6. What brave boys! Praying that everything goes well and you both are successful through these surgeries.

  7. Good luck, boys! We are cheering for you!

  8. Hello you handsome boys. I've been reading your mama's blog for years, ever since I travelled to Russia to adopt my daughter; and I have loved hearing your stories. Reading about you has made me smile more times than I can count and I promise you that you will be in my prayers tonight. I hope you heal quickly and are back home causing mischief in no time! ;) Lots of love from Canada. xo

  9. Prayers for these young boys that they heal quickly and have to deal with very little pain so that they can Move on happily and healthy in their young lives. God bless ❤

  10. Hey, there-

    Hope to see you all at next summer's RR Family Reunion once again! I might even join you on that giant bouncy "pillow" :-), since it looked like you were having so much fun jumping and rolling around on it. Meanwhile, I hope things go well and that both of you heal quikly - that giant pillow is waiting,

    Best wishes to everyone,
    Susan in Ky
    (the lady with the big U. flag at the reunion last summer)


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