Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Remember the Days

It's finished!

The 2nd book in our Remember the Days series is finished!

As of yesterday afternoon, the e-book version of the book is now on sale on our website.

If we weren't so bone-weary exhausted we would have danced through the night in our little house in the woods.

As it was, our celebration consisted of a few weak smiles, a quiet hurrah and a feast of steak and potatoes.

U.S. History and World History side by side for the K-6th graders.

Remember the Days is a fun new series for grades K – 6. These books teach history the way kids like to learn it: in story form, with a friendly layout and plenty of colorful pictures. Amaze your kids with great stories from around the world, and from ancient times down through modern times. Study U.S. History, World History, Church History, Geography and more-- all in order, in context and written from a Christian world view.

The beautiful covers are compliments of  Lucille Brown at Penelope and Lane!

I LOVE how Medieval Days and Early Modern Days match...

Remember the Days will eventually include Modern Days and Ancient Days.

I can't imagine how crazy we will feel when all four books are finished.... For now, we are enjoying seeing these two books side by side.

Early Modern Days is in e-book format only. You can purchase it HERE.

At the end of February we should have the physical copies of the book in our hands! 

Maybe then we will do the dancing through the night party!

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  1. Beautiful books! I can't wait to hold a hard copy in my hands! Congrats!


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