Friday, December 8, 2017


We have a triple match for our 3 little secret kiddos!!
200 Dollars for each one!
If we get 200 in each of their grant accounts then that money will be matched!

It's Friday!!
It's Christmas!!
They will NOT be under anyone's tree this year unwrapping presents.
They will NOT be decorating anyone's Christmas tree.
They will NOT be hanging stockings.
They will NOT be driving around town looking at all the Christmas lights.
They will NOT be singing the carols.
They will NOT be hearing the Christmas story and learning about a babe who came to save the world.
They will NOT.
But maybe next year.
Maybe next year.
Help me!
I want all three to be unwrapping gifts a year from now.
I want all three to be surrounded by a totally upended family who wonders what in the world hit them and wonders too how they ever survived without them.
That's what I want for Christmas.
Help me match their match and someone PLEASE adopt one or two or all of them!!!
Jenni's grant account needs to read $408.40 for the grant to be matched
Ronald's grant account needs to read $1,782.70 for the grant to be matched
Cadence's grant account needs to read $560.10 for the grant to be matched
200 EACH.

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