Friday, December 15, 2017

But They Matter

We love her so much.
Our six year old toddler.
She is into everything. Her favorite activity is to rearrange stuff. Unfortunately, we can't find things after she has rearranged... like her brand new social security card. It's been stuffed in some hideyhole or the freezer or a drawer or something.
She's not confessing. I'm at a loss.
Don't be fooled by her sweet looks and adorable smile!
She's a total mess maker!


She can tear up a room in a matter of minutes but she does get points for being a great cleaner... except for the - we can't find where she PUT STUFF problem.
Don't be fooled by their cute faces either!
They make their share of messes too.
It hasn't been easy these past few weeks. Mary Sasha's seizures have not eased despite medication tweaks and changes and additions etc. Her toddler behaviors make it almost impossible to get anything done each day. One of our sons is struggling with his own personal issues and has needed to be my shadow this week. Needless to say, I am not getting any work accomplished which is making me a bit crazy!
But we wouldn't trade it.
We know this is what God has called us to do.
They matter.
Our former orphans.
Just three among millions upon millions.
They mattered so much to us that we crossed the ocean to bring them home.
Despite the exhaustion, despite the trenches, despite the struggles, despite the issues, we love them dearly. They are our sons and daughter.
Cadence, Ronald and Jenni matter too.
Three orphans among millions.
Last Friday, I was so excited because we had a triple match for them!
Unfortunately, we have not met their matches yet!!
I know that asking for orphans is getting old.
I know that money is tight and needs are great and burnout from giving is a real issue. I know.
But they matter. They really do. We met two of them. Jenni and Cadence. Another family met Ronald. They are such precious children. I can't stand the thought that they are family-less. 
I know they are just three among millions... but THEY MATTER!!!

Cadence needs $119.00
Ronald needs $119.00
Jenni needs $109.00
That's $347.00 and then $600 will be poured into their grant accounts - 200 for each.
Our three former orphans matter and these three do too!
They really do matter.

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