Monday, January 1, 2018

I Underestimated

Lesson for this New Year's Day...
Never underestimate the power of prayer, the love the Lord on High has for orphans and what a handful of advocates can do.
I did.
I underestimated.
I've been yelling for several weeks and did see God moving but yesterday - when 38 babes still had not reached the 1,000 wall and it was evening and no one even seemed to be paying attention... I threw in the towel. This exhausted Mama went to bed. I told Rob it was the first time in 7 years that I was not going to stay up till the end. We are still in the trenches and every minute of sleep is precious right now, and I didn't think I could handle not seeing those babes make it over the wall. I didn't want to be discouraged.
So I went to bed.
I underestimated God.
I missed the party.
I missed the rally that got every single babe over the 1,000 wall.
I am NOT sorry for the sleep last night.
I am deeply sorry that I missed watching God at work in hearts.
I am ashamed that I underestimated the power of prayer, God and advocates!
If you were one of those who gave.... THANK YOU!
Each child has 1,000 in their grant account. That 1,000 is going to be a HUGE blessing to their future Mamas and Papas. It will be one less 1,000 they need to raise to bring their babe home. For many unconvinced parents who struggle with the cost - it is a sweet aroma. A tiny bit of encouragement. A gift that helps push them over that mountain.
What we do matters. That tree. Those babes. We are their voice.
You are their voice.
You who rallied last night ....  You are Mighty Warriors!
And for those families who found the 8 children on the tree.... You have our prayers! If anyone wants to give to the families of Bruno and Joey - they were the only two who didn't make it over the wall. I know their families would deeply appreciate your donations to their grant accounts!


  1. Woohoo! God is so good!

  2. Dear Julia and Rob. I have been accompanying yor journey to bringing Mary home. I admire you as God's People, parents, orphan advocates. Could you please write about Mary and how is she doing home? And how are her seizures? Are they under control? My name is Marzena and I have IG account @mamisonek. Love. Marzena


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