Friday, December 29, 2017


When you are rooting for 65 it can be rather daunting and a bit depressing.
Especially when 2 days after writing a heart-felt post, you realize that only ONE babe jumped the 1,000 wall.
Only one.
Until you look closely.
On Monday 44 babes needed to get over the 500 wall.
Today - 14 babes are left.
Only $2,240 is needed to get them over the 500 wall!
And the rest of the babes are quietly, slowly climbing.
It's not a stagnant wall.
And the babes OVER 1,000... many of them are still climbing.
It's HUGE, quiet progress.
It means that somewhere out there - lots of people are loving on 100 babes.
They are worthy of that love.
They are worthy of your love on this Friday morning.
They are worth your time and your prayers and your love.
Please consider clicking HERE and picking a babe or two or three and sowing into their lives your prayers, your love and your donations.


  1. Did you see? EVERYONE is past the 500! Woohoo!

  2. So much need...praying really hard!


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