Wednesday, December 27, 2017

65 to 0

The magic number is 0
Right now the number is 65....
New Year's Eve is 4 days away and we have 39,772 to raise and 65 babes who need to get over the 1,000 wall!
That's one way to look at it.
OR... we can say... we have 4 days to go to raise awareness... advocate for children who desperately need families.... and raise as much as we can in their grant accounts!!
The goal is 1,000 in each account.
The ultimate goal... find families!!
So get on board.
Yell. Give. Advocate..... ADOPT!!
(Yesterday the three tinies at the bottom of the tree jumped up on the tree... THANK YOU to those who helped jump them up - they aren't over the wall but they are no longer drifting down at the bottom!)...
Here are three more tinies who are down at the bottom!!
Please help me get them up!

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