Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Down to Business

Well... enough of the fluff and stuff ... enough of the sweet pictures of my kids...

We need to get down to business...
The Angel Tree this year is in definite need of some serious attention!!
My three Angels had a blast the last two days enjoying all the Christmas festivities...
But there are 100 Angels on the Angel tree who are NOT enjoying their Christmas.
Not one bit.
And what I am not enjoying is seeing how many of them are still under the 1,000 goal... in fact MOST of them are under $500.00
That has got to change!!
This little angel is currently at the very bottom of the tree...
And what about this tiny little one?? He's down there too!!
And this tiny baby?? She's at the very very bottom right now.
It's time, People!!
Go pick a baby. Or two or three.
Let's get down to business and get these babes moved up the tree!!

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