Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What a Difference...


What a difference a week makes. Prayer makes. Healing makes. Eating makes.

Mary's jaw is healing nicely. We get to stay the course. No surgery. Just continue with the soft diet and no falling!

No falling... hmmm.... that's a very tall order!

Even without seizures!

She's a Warrior girl.

Yesterday I looked out and she was on top of a chair which she had placed on top of a chair and was holding onto a branch to pull herself up into the tree.

She's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Last week she donned the fire gloves, opened the wood stove and attempted to add wood and paper to the fire.

She's going to give me a stroke.

She's fearless and has no sense of danger.

Parking lots scare me silly when she's around.

She doesn't realize that her drop seizures make every set of stairs, ledge, stool, jungle gym or any other high place a danger-zone. 

She's carefree.

Just don't be fooled by her cuteness.

I'm going gray by the day!

In the meantime... 

We've been waiting for Aaron's arm to become infected.

How often do you hear those words?

When your arm becomes infected - call us.

Not if. But when.

Well... it is officially infected.

Pus oozing and a lot of pain for him.

Poor Aaron.

So next week we are heading back to Philly to remove the fixator.

He will be so happy to get that thing off!!

We will be so happy to get that thing off!!

Then we will finally see what Aaron's arm can do.

He's been diligently bending it every day.

The skin is healing. It's not completely closed at the elbow, but close enough that we are no longer worried about it ripping.

He has good range considering everything that happened, and while he is under anesthesia they will work for more.

He's come a long way and we are beyond grateful.

What a difference a few months make. Prayer makes. Healing makes. Therapy makes.

God has been so kind to two of the toughest kids I know.

Thank you for praying.

Please don't stop.


  1. What good news! Thanks for sharing it with us. Oh, my, Mary is fearless, isn't she? So hard to keep that adventuresome nature thriving while trying to keep her safe (maybe put shredded rubber beneath the semi-climbable tree??).Sending best wishes for Aaron, for all to go well next week - the final days of a long time of waiting can seem as if they're the longest.

    Thanks again for the updates. Prayers being offered...

    Susan in Kentucky

  2. Never stopping, Julia. They are both on my daily list.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!