Thursday, January 28, 2021

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!


Before surgery... 

After surgery.....

Before surgery...

After surgery...

Oh Yeah!! This is ONE HAPPY AARON!

Not only does he get to wear a long sleeve shirt for the first time this winter (brrrr), for the first time in many many years... he can feed himself Doritos!

That was one excited boy!

Did the last three months of hardship accomplish anything???

Was it a waste of time and effort???

LET'S PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE.... Before the FIRST surgery Aaron had a 10 to 15 degree range of motion. After this surgery: A 70 degree range of motion. That's amazing!! 

Is their room for more?

Based on what they accomplished in the first surgery - YES. Based on his skin - we have no idea.

In surgery they had his flexion to 130 degrees. Right now his flexion is 115 degrees.  

We could be sad about the 15 degrees lost BUT... let's remember... when he came out of that first surgery and they told us about the skin disaster ... he was at 95 degrees and the MOST they anticipated was 105 degrees.

But Aaron has worked HARD in the last three months. He has pushed through the pain - he has worked his elbow day after day and he gained 10 degrees MORE than they thought!

So is he done?? No way.

He wants more. We want more. 

Prayers People!! 

All those prayers for our boy!

Hard work. Determination.

It's a great combo!

Keep it up. Our boy is a fighter.

God is so good.


As for me...


I experienced a first on this trip.

There were visitors in my bed that didn't belong.

Nasty little critters with a nasty bite!

Just my bed.

Aaron got a pass on this particular agony.

They spent the night chewing on my arms, and hands and ear and back and on and on...


I've been to a lot of hotels in my life. Some five star and some at the definite lower end of the scale.

This was a 3-4 star rating hotel. The Shriners paid for our room.

I have to say quite emphatically that I will never ever go back there as long as I live.

Every one of my bites is swollen and painful and I just never ever ....

Why my ear??? Really? They nibbled on my poor ear!

I now know what it means to not let the bed bugs bite!

And yes, we made sure those critters didn't come into our house.


  1. Ew bedbugs! Im so sorry about that! Glad Aaron is doing well though!!!

  2. Ugh, bedbugs!!! :( Soooo, sorry, Julia!

    But, yes, Aaron! Way to go, cousin! We Wilcoxes are cheering you on and thanking God from MD...

  3. Great progress for Aaron, thanks to his skillful doctors plus his own determination and tenacity.

    Just wish those awful bedbugs had been less "tenacious and determined"!

    Soaking in Epsom salts might help the sorry you encountered those nasty little critters.

    Susan in Kentucky

  4. I cannot even believe how grown up Aaron looks! I haven’t stopped by your blog in years and he just came into my mind the other day when I saw an athlete on the paralympics with arthrogryposis. He looks incredible! A belated congrats on his operation. Every little bit of improved mobility helps!


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