Monday, January 18, 2010


   So on one of our official documents we discovered that 'Aaron' is not our little guy's real name.  His real name is more like a John Doe name... so many children have it that Reece's Rainbow named him Aaron to make it easier to identify him.  Sadly, he may not even be called by his John Doe name where he lives but may be called by a totally different name.  We won't know until we get there exactly what he is called.
   When we named our boys we spend a lot of time deciding the perfect name for them.  How sad to think that Aaron was probably named with little thought or care.  Fortunately we LOVE the name Aaron which Reece's Rainbow picked for him.  It fits in with our Old Testament names for our boys.  What we pick for his full name is still under consideration but we have some definite ideas.  We want Aaron to know that his name is cherished by us and that we are putting the same amount of thought into naming him that we did with our other sons. 
  By the way... the name Aaron has several possible meanings... "light-bearer" and "mountain" are my favorites!


  1. I love the name Aaron! and I know his "real" name too and you're right it is totally John Doe or John Smith of the united states.

    BTW I had a dream about him last night!! He was playing and he looked fantastic

  2. I love it! We are adopting an Alex and I love his name too!

  3. our second son (birth/bio) is named Aaron and I positively love that name! I have had such a heart for your Aaron and pray for you & him often.

  4. Love the name Aaron! I hope, though, you will consider keeping at least a part of his original name in his name even if it means he has 4 names. From all I know of adoption and naming he may want that tie with his cultural roots to help with any identity issues later on. Just a thought, for what it's worth!

  5. Thanks for your beautiful comment on our blog. So great to know that we maybe just a tiny bit encouraged or inspired you to adopt this precious little boy. Aaron is a great name. Not sure if you read the post, but we had picked out the name Isabel (consecrated to God) for our daughter, only to find out that her given Russian name has almost the exact same meaning (holy). God works in such cool ways. We'll be praying for you and standing in faith with you throughout your journey. Blessings! (from another homeschooled soon to be homeschooling mom!)


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