Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm grateful it is Saturday and that the snow on the ground outside my window means today's events are cancelled.
I'm grateful that Rob is stuck at home with me and that Elijah has a friend to play with today. 
I'm so very grateful for a day to catch up on some much needed writing on a book project that was shelved for the last two days as we went from one meeting to another concerning our adoption. 
I'm grateful that our nephew made it through his surgery yesterday though we are still praying that God's hand will continue to protect him. 
I'm especially grateful that it is no longer Wednesday or Thursday night when I fell completely into a panic that our financial papers would not pass inspection. 
I'm grateful for the reassurance from our homestudy social worker and our facilitators at Reece's Rainbow that all will be well. 
I'm grateful for a son who makes his mom hot chocolate to cheer her up and kisses HER goodnight instead of the other way around. 
I'm grateful for my husband. 
Oh, am I ever grateful for him!
I'm grateful for a three hour car ride with my dear husband that afforded us the chance to talk and laugh and enjoy each others company. 
I'm grateful when my son Ben turns to me and says yesterday after helping me clean the house, "Mom, I have a good life." 
I'm grateful for Dad who willingly took care of driving Ben to swimming yesterday while we were at a meeting. 
I'm grateful for my dear friend this week who is looking forward to the day when Aaron can play with her nephew. 
I'm grateful that I can sit here and consider making THIS into a book as the list continues in my head....

Thank you God for getting me through his very tough week.  Thank you for the encouragement you sent us through family and friends this week.  Thank you for your promises that you never will leave us or forsake us.  Thank you that at this very moment, you are caring for our dear little Aaron. 

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