Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have our first Homestudy meeting tomorrow and the second next Wednesday!  Yikes!  Today we meet with the accountant.  Since we have a small business we need an outside source to verify our financial papers.  All of these meetings make me nervous enough that sleep wasn't happening last night.  So I took the time to pray....  a lot of hours of prayer later I am still a bit nervous but also focused on the reality that God holds our lives in His loving hands.  He has us and our Aaron in His grasp and I am working on resting in that loving embrace. 
As I am writing this, my friend Karen is standing at the JFK airport in New York waiting for her new little boy, Sudarshan, to come through the terminal.  I wish I could be standing there with her jumping up and down.  I can only sit here and weep in joy for her!  Welcome home Sudarshan!!


  1. thank you for the beautiful comment you left on our blog exciting about your adoption!!! Aaron looks so precious. What a gift (to both you and him) that he will be in your home soon!!

  2. We'll be praying for the meeting tomorrow!


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