Saturday, January 23, 2010


We thought we were busy before we started this adoption.  After a week of running here, there and everywhere for the adoption and finding out last night that a bunch of stuff we did HAS TO BE RE-DONE, I'm spinning.  It's discouraging.  I have to confess.  I'm grateful that I read other adoption blogs.  It helps to know that rejected paperwork is the NORM! 
On New Years Day I found a book called "The Boy from BabyHouse 10 - From the Nightmare of a Russian Orphanage to a New Life in America" by Alan Philps.  I read it and Rob read it.  It gives an inside view of life in the orphanages for disabled kids and gives a really shocking picture into the institutes that they are transferred to when they reach four or five years old.   Our Aaron has been transferred and reading that book is enough to push us forward without looking back.  Last night we were wondering how he was doing.  Worrying over our little guy, praying for him.  It is all we can do at this moment.  Pray and plow through the papers. 
Say a prayer for Aaron today.

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  1. Always! It must be so frustrating but the end result is worth it!


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