Thursday, January 14, 2010


We are a frugal family and so despite the freezing temperatures... we try not to crank up the heat.  We have a small wood stove that we use as back-up heat.  It is small but with a good fire in the stove, we are quite comfortable.  Sitting in front of the wood stove in our little comfy rocking chair with a good book is the coveted spot in the house.  Unfortunately, because of the weeks of cold weather without let-up, we have run out of all of our dry wood.   This afternoon I tried to start a fire in our wood stove because I was a bit tired of being cold and for some reason... my fire went nuts.  It flamed out of control and then smoke poured out like crazy.  I don't know if it was the wood I used or the wind pouring back down the chimney or the fact that the stove was cold for a full day but something didn't go right.  So we now have all the windows and doors opened, fans going at full blast, hamsters and animals removed to safety and our house smelling a bit too woodsy!  I'm not as cold anymore though... the stress raised my temperature about 20 degrees!

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  1. We have a woodstove too. My husband has finally discovered that it helps to warm the stove pipe with a torch first, that it pulls the smoke upward instead of smoking us out of the house. He realized this after MANY years of having to open all the doors and let the icy wind whip through, dashing my visions of reading by the toasty woodstove, at least for the next half hour! ;-)


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