Monday, March 22, 2010

120 and counting....

We get to add 17 more puzzle pieces to Aaron's puzzle.  ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PEOPLE are "Loving Him Home!"  The boys are still hoping for 380 more names so if you haven't donated... help them out!  If you gave through Reece's Rainbow  - we do not have those names yet.  It takes a while for the donations through Reece's Rainbow to process and to show up on Aaron's account.  So if you donated and don't see your name yet - never fear... as soon as we get a list of those donors - we will write those names on more puzzle pieces!!


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  1. Hey!! That is awesome with that many more puzzle pieces!! I went and donated 10 bucks but wasn't sure if I specified that it was for the puzzle!! It was on the first day you blogged about it... So, if I didn't specify right you can make one for me!!! haha. I am so so so happy to see Aaron with a family!


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