Friday, March 19, 2010

...My Fault...

      We left an hour early to give ourselves plenty of time to travel into the Washington DC area to get our fingerprints done.  Rob and I had a pleasant time talking and laughing.  It was good quality fun.  We arrived at the USCIS office with 35 minutes to spare.  We parked the car and walked into the building.. papers in hand and with books to read to pass the time.  I handed our papers to the security officer and he looked at them and told us WE WERE AT THE WRONG PLACE!! 

     The USCIS building for the fingerprints is a different building than the USCIS we were standing inside!  Fortunately we were not the ONLY people who have made that mistake and so they had directions to give us so we would know where to go.  We ran at top speed back out to our car and my usually careful and cautious husband drove like a wildman through wall to wall traffic while I sat in the passenger seat trying not to have a heart attack and a freak out attack at the same time!  We arrived at the CORRECT USCIS office 2 minutes late but with plenty of time to sit and wait for the fingerprints to be taken!!  No harm done...

     It seems adoptions are like that... a crisis around every corner and just when you let your guard down, something crazy happens that makes you realize how COMPLETELY DEPENDENT you are upon God's grace!  
     It WAS totally my fault.  I got the directions off the USCIS website but failed to triple check that the address matched the one on our papers. 

Lesson learned from that experience:  NEVER ASSUME!

I'm a bit exhausted tonight...


  1. phew! Adoptions really make you pray huh?

  2. So glad you made it and got those silly things done! We should have offered to put you up for the night...


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