Friday, April 23, 2010

Counting my Blessingss

It's so easy to focus on what I don't have right now (171h) and forget what I do have....

I have two of the most amazing kids in the world!  My oldest son, who is 15, just took entrance exams to go to the nearby Community College next fall.  He made his Mama proud! 

My younger son... Well, he gets the award for bringing laughter into our house. 

His latest creative adventure was an attempt to make a plastic bag into a hot air balloon.



BUT THIS CHILD IS NOT ONE TO QUIT.... Can't get a plastic bag to fly... how about balloons filled with helium....


Last night was the first Tech night practice for the Wizard of Oz.  Rob is the Tinman, Ben is the Wizard and Elijah is the Wizard's general.  I do all the backstage managing for the shows.  We've been involved with the Black Box Players and their drama productions for quite a few years now.  Last night as I was working with the little Munchkins on their scenes I was caught between enjoying them and wishing my little Munchkin was a part of the show. 

Dear little Aaron - just wait.... there's a world of fun waiting for you. 

There's No Place Like Home!


  1. Aaron has no idea what awaits him, how blessed he is... here's praying he gets to find out very soon!

  2. I'm almost done being patient. Tell me where to go and who to "sweet talk" into giving you that form.

  3. What a great post. Gotta love Elijah's determination.

    I second what Cara said.


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