Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Elijah just brought me the mail and the Golden Ticket was not in his hand.  I'm honestly having a hard time right now waiting.  My head tells me it is in God's time and that I need to be patient and all of that but my heart is seeping out.  We are at the mercy of a  back-logged immigration office.  Today a family arrived in Aaron's country to get their little girl.  They began the process AFTER we did.  It hurts.  I rejoice with them.  I can't wait to see the pictures of their little one and I get excited to hear their story but I want to be there with them.  I'm sad.  Maybe tomorrow...


  1. I'm so sorry :( Perhaps the Lord was protecting you from being stuck in country due to the volcano?? But no matter what Aaron will be home in time to not have to spend another single Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, etc without a family!

  2. I'm sad too so I know how you feel. We are having no luck with immigration in our state as well even though Sean has some immediate health needs. His country shuts down adoptions in the summer for 3 months so if we don't hear from immigration soon, we won't be able to bring our son home until October and that just breaks my heart. Everyday I check my email an get the mail and nothing... I know exactly how you are feeling and it is no fun at all :(

  3. Waiting is so hard. Still praying


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