Monday, June 7, 2010


FAQ QUESTION NUMBER TEN:  What in the world is a dossier and what is in it?

     A dossier for an adoption is the entire set of papers required by the country from where you are adopting.  Ours includes a home study, marriage licenses, financial statements, birth certificates, house deeds, tax documents, medical forms and more.  Each paper had to be written up and notarized and then the notary who signed the paper had to be certified by the state. 
     Our dossier consisted of almost 40 papers.  None of them were exceptionally hard but if only one part on a piece of paper was wrong it had to be re-done.  Some of the things wrong were incredibly minor but perfection is required for each and every paper.  At least one of our papers was done three times to get it right.
     Each country has their own style of how a paper should be written up, notarized and certified.  Learning the ins and out of how to do the paperwork requires a lot of diligence, patience and possibly a PhD!  Thankfully the Reece's Rainbow U.S. facilitators take every single paper we do and look over them with a high-powered magnifying glass to make sure they are correct.  After the dossier is sent to the country it is inspected carefully by the facilitators in that country before it is submitted to the governmental adoption agency in that country.   

Prayer request about our dossier:  The governmental agency that processes adoptions currently has our dossier.  We are praying that all is well with those precious documents and that they will extend to us an appointment date within the next week or two!! 

FAQ QUESTION NUMBER ELEVEN:  Is Aaron going to have his own bedroom....

     Good question!  Yes and no.  Since birth, Ben and Elijah each had their own bedroom BUT from the time Elijah was born they slept in the same room.  They always stayed together by choice, changing only which bedroom they were going to sleep in each night.  Over a year ago Ben started asking for his own room and about six months later Elijah agreed and so now the boys are in two separate rooms. 
    Ben's room is going to be Aaron's and Ben has happily moved downstairs to the basement.  He loves being down there but knowing that dear little Aaron has been surrounded by children in cribs on all sides of him, the boys have agreed to give Aaron the same security that they gave each other for so many years.  For the first months that Aaron is home, Ben or Elijah will sleep in Ben's old bed in Aaron's new bedroom.  The room is currently being painted a happy blue color and will be decorated for a five year old little boy (pictures coming whenever Rob gets the room finished).  Aaron will have the comfort of one of his brothers in the room with him and Mom and Dad right down the hall.  I think he will like his new living arrangement!

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