Friday, June 4, 2010


So we have had a lot of questions asked about a whole host of topics surrounding our adopting Aaron.... As we wait so PATIENTLY for our travel date .... I will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions over the next week or so .... These are not in any particular order...

FAQ NUMBER ONE:  What's next...

     We are currently waiting for the governmental agency in Aaron's country to go through our dossier and then extend to us an appointment date.  Generally it takes 2-4 weeks for this to take place.  The appointment we are given can be as soon as five days later (not normal) to as far as four weeks.  It makes planning a bit hard since we literally have no idea when we will be in Aaron's country (4-8 weeks).  I'm not the greatest at dealing with flexible schedules so it will be one more lesson that the Lord is going to have me go through in this lesson-laden process!

FAQ NUMBER TWO:  Does Aaron know we are coming?

     No.  He will not know that we even exist until the day we walk into his institute and visit him for the first time.  

FAQ NUMBER THREE:  Does ANYONE know we are coming to get Aaron?

     We filed a paper about 3 months ago to the governmental agency in Aaron's country that deals with adoptions.  That paper indicated that we want to adopt Aaron.  At that point his file was pulled and as far as international adoptions are concerned, he is no longer available internationally.  In terms of in his own country he actually is still available to be adopted.  It is not something we like to think about but someone from Aaron's country could decide that they wanted him.  He is only held for us internationally. 

FAQ NUMBER FOUR:  Is 'Aaron' his real name?

     No.  Aaron's real name is a private name until after the adoption process.  Reece's Rainbow's director picked out the name 'Aaron' for our little guy in order to put him on the website.  We have a choice on the day we are legally assigned as his parents to give him the name of our choosing.   Most likely we will retain the name Aaron but are still making decisions on a second name.   You will know his full name on the day he is legally ours!

FAQ NUMBER FIVE:  Are the boys going with you to Aaron's country?

     Yes if at all possible.  We are still working out the details.

FAQ NUMBER SIX:  How many pictures do you have of Aaron?  Do you have a baby picture?

    We have only three pictures of our little guy.  Three! 

Imagine that. I have thousands of Ben and Elijah. I have framed two of the pictures of Aaron and they are in plain view in our kitchen/living area. I would have framed the third in a matching frame but had technical difficulties so that is a work in progress.... We do not have a baby picture of him but when we meet with the governmental agency in his country we may be able to get a baby picture from his file. Often the agency is willing to 'trade' pictures so we may give them a copy of our three little pictures in exchange for what is in his file. If they don't give us the pictures they may allow us to take a picture of the picture/s.

Those are a FEW of the many questions.... I will answer more as time goes on....Keep the prayers coming.  We need for our paperwork to PASS without issue and would love a travel date as soon as possible! 


  1. I just tell myself if people in country x wanted kids with disabilities mine wouldnt be sitting there with no one to love them. older kids with disabilities are NOT high on their wish list!! I am willing to bet Aaron will be right there waiting for you. flying out monday to see my girls!!!

  2. I just wanted to reiterate how HAPPY I am for your family! What a lucky, amazing little guy! It is so pleasant to know that he's got years and years of love (and photo shoots) still to come!! I'm looking forwards to seeing a family photo with all 3 of your boys. :)

  3. I love that he always has such a big smile in his pictures. Can't wait to see that big smile when he's with his forever family!!!

  4. Sorry to scare you, but fret not! The Father of the fatherless has it all under control! I am so excited for your family and praying for your journey!

  5. Can't find your email address so I'm leaving a comment. I have seen your little boy's face on Reece's Rainbow as well and look at the answers to prayer...YOU are his family!
    My heartbeat is the HIV orphans but I adore Reece's Rainbow and their ministry.
    I would love to ask you some questions if you could email me at
    Blessings on the journey,


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