Thursday, June 17, 2010


      We are swimming in decisions. 



     Ben wants to finish out his swim season with his team.  We do too.  He swims every weekday.  Year-round.  That is a lot of swimming!  He is unbelievably dedicated to the sport.  He loves it. 

The end of the summer swim meet is the highlight of his swimming.  Sixteen teams in our region swimming against each other in one big fun swim-fest!  Our little old country swim team which has only been in existence for 4 years came in 3rd place last year. 
That was BIG news! 
Fun times! 
OF COURSE the scheduling of our trip lands right smack on top of that swim meet. 
We want him to be there.  He has worked too hard to miss it.

    It means leaving him behind.  For three weeks.  It means that after Rob gets back he will send Ben alone... on an International flight... to Aaron's country. 

Yuck...double yuck...

     I know that kids fly alone ALL the time. But this isn't just any kid.  He's MY son!  My firstborn. 

     We want him to go to Aaron's country.  I NEED him to help me at the end of the trip.  I HATE the thought of leaving my son home.  Yet we TREMBLE at the thought of him flying alone, INTERNATIONALLY, to another country. 

    We are praying....hard... that we will be able to find another Reece's Rainbow family who is traveling at the same time (beginning August), from the East Coast, who would be willing for my sweet, well-behaved son to travel with them

How's that for a major prayer request??

Entrusting it all into God's able hands in prayer. 


  1. You just keep entrusting those boys of yours into His hands, sis!! He is pleased that you are doing it and He will be faithful with what you have entrusted to Him...All of you keep rising to the occasion and He gets all the glory. Provide Father, we ask for Jesus' glory manifested through our lives. Amin!

  2. I am hopefully traveling in early August. I live in Knoxville, TN and I will let you know as soon as I have specifics on travel.



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