Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What stress can do for you...

     Last night a nurse came by our house to meet with Rob and I about our life insurance policies.  Our current ones run out this month so we needed to renew and the current policy's rates skyrocketed so we shopped around.  We had to answer a boatload of questions, have blood drawn, pee in a cup (yuck), get our blood pressures taken and get weighed.  Rob lost 10 lbs.  So did I.  Now, for Rob to lose 10 lbs is no big deal.  For me... not so good.  I am little.  I was at the perfect weight already.  I had NO IDEA I lost 10 lbs.  That's what stress can do.  It isn't my appetite as much as the fact that my digestive tract does NOT like stress.  There is one small section that is chronically 'messed up' but has been in remission for over 5 years.  Now... it is rearing its ugly head.  Stress!  Yuck!  I've been trying to be careful but that is easier said than done when the child God lays on your heart is across the world, alone and lonely.  This adoption process has not exactly been a walk in the park.  It definitely affects me in the gut. 

So PLEASE JOIN WITH ME in prayer that the next step is EASY and that we are submitted tomorrow, that our papers pass inspection and that we get a travel date that is SOON!  The less stress, the better my digestive tract will be.  I can't afford to lose any more weight. 


  1. No, you can't, my teeny Aunt! Praying for those papers to fly through a wide open window tomorrow!

  2. you are too tiny to lose 10 lbs! Praying obviously. praying really really HARD!

  3. Praying that tomorrow is the big day for your dossier!!!

    Just so you know, there is lots of yummy food to enjoy in Ukraine - loaded with lots and lots of calories :)

    Jenn in Georgia


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