Friday, July 30, 2010

Rest... He's Got This

Rest... He's Got This....

      I read those words yesterday, written on our comments by "Michelle" and I was touched deeply.  At first I read them on a level that made me smile.  Later in utter conviction.  You see, I found out soon after reading those words some things that almost made my heart stop.  This adoption is NOT a simple process and I learned just how NOT simple it has become yesterday.  I have never wanted to go to pieces so badly as I did yesterday. 
     But I followed the advice of Michelle.  I took Bible in hand, I went to my bedroom and I began to read, pray and rest.  Okay, I didn't actually sleep.  My brain wouldn't slow down for that to happen but I did come away with a different perspective and this morning I am taking one step at a time in learning to let God have this.  Complete surrender.  Rest.  Trusting in His goodness, believing that no matter what, whether we walk away with Aaron in our arms or not, that God has this.  It is His. 
    Does that mean I stop praying... absolutely not.   Monday is crucial.  I can't even put into words how important the meeting on Monday will be.  We are in a strange scenerio right now but God has placed wise people in Aaron's country who are working overtime to make straight the paths and level the mountains before us.  But if those paths don't straighten as we wish/want/desire - God is still good.  He loves Aaron with an endless, boundless love.  He loves us.  I chose to rest in that truth.


  1. Amen Julia....His hand is in control and all thing unfold according to His will...

  2. I found your blog by "accident" a couple of days ago. As soon as I saw Aaron's picture I knew I had to keep reading - we too adopted a son from this country with Arthrogryposis. He is an amazing kid and the way they adapt and manipulate their environment is amazing! Our son (Jonathan) was given up at birth by his married, college-educated parents because of his disability. He turned 5 in the orphanage and somehow the director convinced the powers that be to let him stay in their facility until he was 6. They even went to the community and raised funds so that he could go to St. petersburg, RU to have several surgeries. We got Jonathan home less than one month before he would have been transferred to an institution. I really do know how uncertain things feel right now. How absolutely scary it is to have the life your child in the hands of a stranger. Thanks goodness we know the One who is ultimately in control and who loves our children with a love more perfect than we ever could. I will continue to pray for your family. - Kathy

    p.s. I notice how careful you are not to mention Aaron's birth country - I was not that careful on my blog so you may not want to post this comment :)

  3. I will not stop praying for you.

  4. That comment from Michelle yesterday was just perfect! Not only for you, but for all of us. When I first read it, I thought how great it was. Simple words with SO much meaning. Thank you, Michelle! I will be praying for things to go perfectly on Monday.

  5. Oh . . . In prayers . . . I want Aaron HOME with you so badly . . . but I know GOD knows what is best for each of you, and I rest in that.


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