Thursday, July 8, 2010


Lists...lists...lists... Unfortunately my lists are growing and not getting shorter.  The more I do the more I think of what needs to be done!  My brain is starting to fall out! 

     Last night I had a blast watching Ben's swim team win against a division rival.  The contrast between the two teams was striking.  We don't have a team pool and though last night was a 'home' meet, we had to borrow their pool to host the event.  They have a pool and a facility that is state of the art.  Lush!  Yet our little country team (actually we are 200 strong) can out yell, out cheer and outswim almost every team in our region.   I was proud to stand there and watch those kids.  We swim with heart and passion.  We don't just cheer for the fastest either.  I watched team members yelling for the kids who were coming in last place with as much passion as if they were winning the race.  It warmed my heart.  Each person on our team has value.  What a concept.  I can't wait for Aaron to be part of that world.  So many came up to me last night, letting me know that they are praying for us.  It felt good.  We know that Aaron will be cared for tenderly by the coaches and the families on our team.   It is an incredibly loving group of people.  I'm going to miss watching the meets in the next weeks.  I'll have to root from afar.  



  1. Dear Julia & Family,
    I have been following your journey for many months. It is so exciting that you will meet Aaron in just a few days. I will be praying that all goes well. We are in the beginning process of bringing Jenny (from RR) home. We are listed under the New Commitments.
    If you go private please let me know, I would like to be able to follow your trip.
    Many Prayers,
    Patty Lococo

  2. Just a note to let you know that we'll be praying for you as you set out on the next leg of this amazing adventure. I can't wait to follow while you're in Aaron's country! Blessings to your (expanding!) family!

  3. Wow! You are almost there! We, too, adopted from a place where "none had gone before." Just remember, GOD has already gone before you. He is already there waiting for you, while at the same time He is going with you--totally surrounded by God is a great place to be!!

  4. Oh Julia, I am so excited for you!!!! Praying too!!!

    God bless you all and safe travels!
    Amy <><


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