Saturday, August 21, 2010


     I was struggling this morning.  Crying.  The thought of leaving the boys, crossing the ocean again, facing weeks of stress and worry brought me to my knees.   I had an honest to goodness time of just weeping before the Lord.   It helped but I was still incredibly irritable with my boys.  The very boys whom I don't want to leave.  The craziness of this adventure was wiping me out and though I was getting a lot accomplished, I was doing it with a heavy heart and a faith that was about the size of a shriveled up pea.  In the car,  I shared with Ben my struggles.  In his 15 year old, wise beyond years sometimes (not every time) way, he said that God is like a Composer and we are the orchestra.  We had a good discussion about how Aaron's adoption was a symphony that we may not hear in full for years to come but when we do - when we look back - we will be stunned at its beauty.  All the pieces, all the details, all the people, all the events, brought together in a melody that will rival the angels singing before the King of Kings and Lord of Lord.  For now, we both felt like squeaky instruments in deep need of tuning.

     Well, God did some tuning on my instrument this afternoon. 

     Please, Dear Friends, look at the thermometer at the top of this page. 

     The Composer of this symphony blew me away this afternoon. 

     This morning the thermometer read 28,158.00.  When I came downstairs I saw that we had received some money this morning from two families whom we don't know.  They each gave 50.00.  Those donations blow me away every time. 

     With those donations, our total was 28,258.00.  We were still about 742.00 short. 

     This afternoon, I e-mailed Andrea and asked her if I could have the list of those who gave to us since we have been home.  I wanted to put their names on our puzzle.  She promptly sent me an e-mail with the names and the donations.  The numbers she gave me and the numbers I had did not add up.  Too much money according to my calculations.  After looking at my numbers I realized that I had made an error in my columns, placing a donation in the wrong place on our spreadsheet.  When I moved the numbers and put in the RR numbers, all of sudden we were no longer 750 short.  Instead we were short 42.00.  Pocket change.  Nothing!  Absolutely unbelievable. 

     I am completely blown away - the cries of my heart answered in the most beautiful display of His power and His love for Aaron and for our family.  We have what we need.  Not just financially but in every way imaginable.  God is not going to abandon us over there.  Again and again and again He has let us know that He set this process in motion and He is going to see it through to the end.  And in the end, all the Glory and Honor will be His.  
     I am so grateful to be part of this symphony.   I am ever so grateful that each person who has read this blog, each person who has donated to help bring a little disabled boy home, each person who has prayed and will continue to pray, each person who has helped us raise money, helped us with the boys and with my classes and in every other way imaginable, is an important, vital and amazing part of the most beautiful musical the world has ever heard!  This symphony is definitely going to rival the angels singing around the throne!

NOTE:  Since writing, dear Molly decided to finish what she started and donated the last amount that we needed.  How fitting since she made the FIRST DONATION!  If we come out of this with any money left over - it will be donated back to Reece's Rainbow! 


  1. You're set now. I just donated the final $50.

  2. Keep being still to listen to the music and look into the Face of the Composer/Conductor...that is our joy, our strength, our perseverance, our delight, and the One who holds us up in all things. Love you guys and so fun to be with you the other week!! : )

  3. Amazing! What a great and awesome God we serve! :)

  4. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I'm praying for you, your mother's heart leaving the "99" to go after the "1," and all three of your sweet boys the the Lord will prepare them for the rescue that is coming.

  5. Aunt Julia,

    What a wonderful entry! Such great news. We are at the beach and internet access is elusive - we have to piggyback on our neighbor's unreliable connection - but we're following your journey as best we can. Praying for you and your family, Aaron included!

    The Nalles

  6. Awesome! So glad you will be on your way back soon to get his :)

  7. Julia, I am so humbled and grateful for your own post today. There are many families on "our" journey but there are some that have been threaded with a special connection. I am with you in prayer and your journey already looks like a beautiful song to me. Your encouragement has been priceless and it stuns me when we can hold each other up even as we can barely hold up our own heads...that is grace, my friend. Know that you travel simply coated in it:) Love to you from SC, Cathy

  8. In your weakness, He is made strong. Isn't it a comfort to know we can be weak and still be effective? I hope it is also a comfort to you to know that many of us are holding you up in prayer.
    May His peace, which passes understanding, guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!

  9. I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration to me as a Christian and a mother. I hope everything goes well and I will be praying for you. We will be in Kiev on Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me know if you all are there. We would love to meet you!!!


  10. In tears here - joy, happiness and gratitude for all that God has done and is doing! Praising Him with you. Praying for all of you as you travel to bring Aaron home!



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