Friday, August 20, 2010



  In THREE DAYS we leave for Aaron's country.  My to-do list is growing, my brain is falling out and I am still only remembering THE MOST IMPORTANT things to do while laying in bed, unable to sleep.  I can't ever remember those MOST IMPORTANT things when I get up!  Tonight I think I will just take the laptop to bed with me.  I'm afraid I will be sitting on the plane and finally remember what it was I was supposed to remember...
     For those who have asked about our time in Aaron's country, here it is in all its confusion:

We leave on Monday, August 23rd and will arrive on Tuesday in the midst of Aaron's country's biggest holiday.  Understatement of the year:  I think it will be a bit confusing in the capital city.  I hope we get to see some fireworks although most likely we will be dead to the world by that point.  We are unsure whether we will stay the night in the capital or go directly to Aaron's village.  We will do whatever we are told by our able and efficient facilitator, Luda.
     Our first court is scheduled for Thursday, August 26.  The second court will hopefully be the next week.   At the second court, by God's Grace, Aaron will officially by our son.  BUT, there is a 10-day waiting period in case anyone wants to contest the adoption.  Since the adoption is not published in the papers, this is just a formality.  The judge may waive that 10-day period and our facilitator has requested this, but the chances are slim.  We are definitely praying in that direction though and invite you to add your prayers to ours.
     After the 10-day period, the paperchase begins.  We will need to drive to Aaron's birth city for his birth certificate and will need to get his passport (traveling to another city for this).  We will also need a visa for him from the U.S. embassy and a medical saying he is free of communicable diseases.  This whole process takes about another 10 days.  We will be able to have Aaron with us during this period. 
     We both have to be there for the two courts.  After that one of us is allowed to leave.  At this point, Rob is committed to being there the entire time.  I will be with him as long as possible but if the days stretch into weeks and things happen beyond our control (everything is truly out of our control) I will come home.  Ideally for Aaron, we would both like to bring him home together.  We will decide what is best after we know better what the timeline will look like.


     As always, we covet your prayers. Pray for our precious boys at home who will be staying at the house by themselves each night (Dad lives next door).  Pray for traveling mercies as we navigate through 3 airports, customs and long plane rides. Pray for our little guy who is still wondering day by day what happened to us.  Pray for the judge to grant Aaron to us.  Pray for our facilitator as she advocates for this adoption and pray for us that we can continue to rest in the knowledge that He holds this adoption and our family in His loving and tender hands.


  1. We pray for y'all every day, I am just so happy you will soon see Aaron again! We will continue to pray that everything from here on out goes smoothly and in 20 something days you will arrive back in America, as a family of 5.

  2. Praying all goes very smoothly for you! Can't wait to follow along! :-)

  3. Continuing to pray that God will make the way smooth before you, and enable you to get Aaron home quickly!

  4. This is it! You will come home with him, we have already claimed that victory. Our God is an awesome God!

  5. Wow Julia, that's a long time in country. And this is where Brady is at. That's not good, I really don't know if we could be gone that long, but we'll see how it goes with you guys.

    Can you believe you leave in 3 days!!!?? That flew by.....well maybe it didn't for you. But it's here!

    I can't wait until you guys see him again.
    I'll be praying for you!

  6. praying, praying, praying. Love you!

  7. Paring, friend. Cannot wait to see this long and crazy journey come to an end--and Aaron's NEW LIFE begin.

  8. Praying, praying, praying!!! God bless!
    Amy <><


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