Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We are wheels down in the capital. We got the same apartment that we had on our last day here before, which means we are completely lost. Heading out to Aaron's region tomorrow morning. Jet lag in full effect. Plane ride was a new low of misery, roughly comparable to enduring an appendectomy performed with a dinner knife and without anesthesia. With jet lag, though, it feels more like we had a lobotomy.

Skype calls are welcome at our new phone number: 38 099 470-6792.

Going to ground now to rest. More later.


  1. I hope your jetlag goes away quickly. That is the pitts.

    I remember falling asleep every time we got into a car.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Glad you are there safely. Hope you can get some rest now so that you can think straight!
    Be safe.

  3. I'm so sorry the plane ride was miserable! Praying for you and eagerly anticipating Aaron's homecoming!

  4. Yeah for being there, boo for the other stuff. Hang in!

  5. Oh, Julia! It is so good to hear you made it safely. I continue to follow your beautiful story and I continue to be encouraged by the words you write. You help me as we face the difficulties of Irina adjusting to our family. Sorry to hear the plane ride was so bad.Praying for your court sessions!!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!