Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lighten Up, Mom

Friday night Popcorn and Movie fun...

I've been told by Elijah that my posts this week are just too depressing... I agree.... I'm weary to the bone of depressing....

So today, Saturday, I will try to lighten up... Here goes....

TORI HAS A FAMILY!!  Yep - you read that correctly... She has a family.  This dear family had been praying and praying for days and weeks and the Lord had been beating on their quaking hearts but that old price tag was just making it really difficult for them to jump off that cliff BECAUSE THEY JUST BROUGHT BACK THREE TREASURES FROM TORI'S COUNTRY ONLY A FEW MONTHS AGO.  The insanity!  But when they gave it all to the Lord.... money issues and everything.... when they committed in their hearts to follow Him - let Him lead.... when they got up off their knees.....Ready to jump off the cliff with no idea where the money was going to come from.... They discovered that Tori had a full grant.  He made a way.  Willing hearts - faith - Loving God.  How can you go wrong??

Praise God!  Praise God and PRAISE GOD!!  This treasure is going to get a NEW name: 

Reagan Faith Burman


Ever try to get three boys to cooperate for just ONE good picture so that you can thank your friend for getting these cool India shirts for them??  The India shirts are special because 3 years ago I traveled to India to help my friend bring back a precious India treasure.  In January she got her second India treasure.  So now she has three treasures (her first treasure was from China).  She was one of those who pushed us off the cliff to get our Ukrainian treasure.  So I wanted to get a GOOD picture of the boys to say THANK YOU KAREN!!  But those three boys would not behave.  After 25+ pictures... I am left with a bunch of goofiness!  But you have to love all the goofiness my three treasures bring!! 

     Sorry...The Dog is not included on my treasure list.  For all you dog lovers who think I love that dog.... 2 years ago she flipped me over backwards and my upper arm snapped in half plus I broke a bone in my hand.  Three surgeries later the cute stupid looking dog in the picture doesn't happen to be my best friend in the world.  Ben ADORES her though so she gets to stay. 


My 'Lighten Up, Mom' son has a way of bringing laughter to our household just when we need it.  He cracks us up.  He has more inventions, projects and brainy ideas floating around in that ever-active brain of his that we just can't keep up most days.  He's been working on building a gyro-copter.  He has studied extensively and understands the mechanics behind how they fly though I have honestly no idea what he is telling me when he tries to explain.  My brain is just not that advanced.  He has built part of it but getting the expensive materials for his gyro-copter has defeated him.  We don't have 5,000 dollar engines hanging around in our garage so he has had to put that project on hold. 

In the meantime he decided that building a cannon would be fun.  Yep - a cannon.  A little cannon so never fear.  He doesn't want to blow up the world.  He's a good kid.  He wants to build one that will shoot ping pong balls at old art projects.  So a few nights ago we stood outside to watch the first firing of his cannon.  It didn't go exactly as planned...  all he got for his efforts was a puff of smoke and a lot of fun laughter.  But the boy is not giving up.  He is already planning his next attempt! 

Did I say how much he cracks me up??


  1. I love the Sahara India shirts. Your beautiful sons, growing up to be a friend to all nations, all people.

  2. Awwwww... despite the not your friend dog, that is an AWESOME pic of your treasures!! I have been avoiding reading your "depressing" posts this week because I had a couple of rough days but I'm off now to catch up so I can pray specifically for the "lost boys" I love your heart Julia!!

  3. Do the Burman's have a blog? I've been praying for Tori for at least a year now and I'd love to follow her all the way home to her family.

  4. The pictures of the boys and all their goofiness are just priceless! I also love this last picture of you and Elijah!

  5. I adore each and every photo!! How awesome. and I remember you telling me about the dog, that's awful!!

  6. Yay for Reagan! That is amazing news - I'm so glad you shared! Love the pictures, too. :)

  7. Love the pics of the boys and THRILLED to hear that Tori has a family! Please link to their blog or RR page!


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