Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mine's the Best

     Some of you buy your Christmas ornaments from Hallmark or Belk.  Others buy them from Walmart or Target.  Some order them on-line or through catalogues.  Some get them at little curiosity shops or in antique stores.   Wherever you buy them, I bet out of all your ornaments, you didn't get what I got when mine came in the mail today.  I bet you didn't get a personalized letter from the creator of your ornament. 

     I've been blessed.  Yep - Blessed.  My ornament was hand-made by a six year old girl, Amaya, with a heart that has already been broken by the need in our world. 

     She made my ornament for the unbelievably LOW price of only 5.00 (plus shipping).  That's all I had to pay to get a hand-made ornament and a hand-written thank you letter.  That five dollars isn't going in her wallet either.  Nope.  She is taking my 5.00 measly dollars and she is going shopping.  Not for earrings or pretty clothes for herself.  Not at all.  She is going shopping to fill up boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  (One of my favorite Christmas-time ministries).  Amaya wanted to raise the money herself.  So one ornament at a time this precious child of God is earning money so that she can buy pencils and gum and small toys and other items for a few needy children so that they can experience Christmas and maybe, just maybe, learn about their Savior and fall in love with Him. 

     I have been blessed.  By a little girl with a heart for Jesus.  I am hanging my ornament in center-stage on our Christmas tree this year.  I don't know where you bought your ornaments this year, but I have the best Christmas ornament of all.  Mine came packaged in love.

P.S. -  This is a HOT LINK for those interested in finding out more about Amaya's project!


  1. awww, I want one. you're a bad influence, Julia...or a really good one. I'm going to order one today.

  2. Where can I buy some from her? I would LOVE to help her out! Can you email me info?

    Anna (Kori's mama)

  3. Thanks for this post.. I just had to have one. I hope it inspires my children!


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