Friday, October 29, 2010


I plan on shouting.  I plan on being a broken record.  I don't plan on stopping.  Sorry.  I can't.  We saw too much.  We know too much.  We are learning even more as the days go by.  So I have to keep advocating.  I have to keep praying that a family or two will step forward and rescue Brady and Heath.  It is pure and simple rescue.  They need to get out of there.  They need families.  The DOOR NEEDS TO STAY OPEN.

Why?  Why am I shouting so loud?   Because on the Reece's Rainbow website there are other boys - little ones who are not going to be rescued out of the baby houses in time.  Some of them may end up in that institute in that village.  Those boys desperately need that door to stay open.  Yes we opened it a little, but much more needs to be done.  Look at these boys:

     All of them are currently at baby houses.  All of them are close to being transferred.  If they are not adopted in time, they may end up with Brady and Heath.  These are just a few of the many who are close to transfer.  Boys who need to run, climb, jump and play.  Boys who need toys and books and the opportunity to go to school.  Boys who need Mama's to tuck them in bed at night and Papa's to toss them in the air. Boys who need life-changing medical care.  Boys. 

I can't remain quiet.  Just yesterday the news came that TWO Reece's Rainbow children WERE TRANSFERRED.  One of them has a family who is coming for him.  They were within days of their paperwork being submitted and now have no idea where he is and if he is still available.  They are on their knees before the throne praying that God will protect him and that the door will remain open.  If you want to encourage them (and they definitely could use some major encouragement) - click HERE.  Transfer is a terrible thing.  If these children are sent to closed-door institutes, then they lose any hope for a family.

That is why we are shouting and praying.  Please shout and pray with us.  Help us find Brady and Heath families.  Not just for them but for the other boys, the ones who will be ripped from their baby houses, taken from their toys and the caretakers who raised them, removed from their playgrounds and cribs and placed in that institute.  We can't let it become a place of no return.  Please.

P.S. - Since writing this post I have learned the amazingly wonderful news that both Sullivan and Jordan NOW have families!
Neither of these boys have to spend a minute at an institute if their families get them in time. 
Praise the Lord.  I need to take a minute to shed a few happy tears....


  1. You are not alone in your burden....

  2. Would you mind if I copied and pasted this post to my blog, with credit of course?


  3. Hi Julia how do I send a scream ( this post) over to my blog? I want to scream too!

  4. That blog link is bad. It's a closed blog, so we can't read it.

  5. I had saved the blog site you mentioned in your post, and when I went back to check it again, it had gone private. I have no way of contacting them that I would like to follow their blog and pray for them. Could you help? I don't have a google account---don't even know what one is!

    You have become such an advocate for these children. I really feel that all your troubles and delays in getting that very handsome little boy are coming to fruition. You've seen the children and know first hand their living conditions in the institutions You have details that others need to know. So, keep shouting! SCREAM it out! I think you are doing a wonderful thing here!!!!

  6. Praise the Lord for Sullivan and Jordan's families!!! I have prayed for both of them and recently I have been praying especially for Jordan. Praise God he answers our prayers on behalf of these children. He loves them more than we can imagine. I'm so glad their families heard His call.

  7. HOPE! There IS hope, even in these bleak, terrible circumstances. 2 Of those boys above found their families in the past 2 days. Lets keep praying for the rest of them and moving people to action!

  8. Hey everyone - I"m public again probably until Monday. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!!!


    Vadum did NOT get transferred! but they still need prayers b/c it's a new orphanage for RR :)

    praise Jesus :)

  10. Julia:
    Keep on shouting for all the children who are waiting, but especially for those who will soon be transferred. God gives us each a voice and a will be blessed for following His call!

  11. Yay for Vadim!

    Vika however DID get transferred to an institution, my hears has broken in hundreds of pieces... Please keep her in your prayers, that precious little girl should NOT be in an institution :( (if you want to donate, please read this, and see the chip-in on the right of the blog: )

    For His children,


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