Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Aaron... Part One

Did you know that Mama's name isn't Mama anymore - She is now Ma...  Yikes!!

Did you know that 100% juice out of a juice box is AMAZING but.... 100% juice out of a cup is not nearly as good? 

Just LOOK what I can do!!

Did you know that my big brothers do really strange stuff like tie each other up and then flip upside down. 

They think it is funny but I am just not convinced.

Did you know that when I fall and hit my head really hard on the ground, that my Mama and Papa will hold me?  Did you know that it feels good to lay my hurting head against their chest?   Did you know that I have never laid my head against anyone before?   I still won't cry very loud but I will let them hold me. 

Did you know that my Mama makes the BEST cookies in the world?  Did you know that if she is working in the office and if Elijah is upstairs and if NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION than I can eat lots of cookies off the counter before anyone catches me?  Did you know that I am capable of eating 10 cookies in just a few minutes?  Did you know that climbing under the train table doesn't hide me well enough when Mama notices that she is missing a whole host of cookies? 

P.S. - She thinks I understand that next time I have to say "Please, cookies, Mama" but I'm not sure I do....


  1. I love to hear about Aaron - it warms my heart!!! I would love to meet him sometime - I catered an event last weekend at Spring Hill Farm on Shiloh Church road - and looked for your home and called but you must have been out last Saturday. I had lots of leftovers) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving... Margie PS - Where did you find the spoon for Aaron?

  2. He is so precious. And who knew the boy had a sweet tooth? Or do you think he's displaying an orphanage behavior?

    May have to bake cookies when we meet up!

  3. Sounds like the cookie monster is fitting right in with the family ! Julia, I'd love to know where you got the special spoon for Aaron and any other useful tidbits that might help us once Madeline is home ( Lord willing). Sounds like "normal stuff is happening in the Nalle house thank the Lord.

  4. Is the adapted spoon your own design? Do you have access to catalogs with adapted feeding equipment? I am a retired teacher for preschool children with special needs. I have been following you sweet, sweet family blog for a while.

  5. Before long, Aaron will be mixing the cookie batter!

  6. Way to go Aaron! Don't you just love OT?
    What a little cookie monster! LOL

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Aaron w/us! I'm so glad he lets you hold him now when he gets hurt. You guys are an amazing family and you are so blessed to have him!

  8. We love our wrist cuff too! Isn't it fun to see your child achieve a measure of independence with such a simple device? Works good for coloring too.
    He is so cute! I really hope to meet you all someday!


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