Monday, January 17, 2011

Outside Fun


Little one is able to walk in his short casts although it takes a while for him to work through the stretching pain in his right foot each morning.  Because he fought so hard when they casted his left foot, he ended up with a cast on that foot that isn't as tight as it should be (he curled his toes - the stinker).  We basically wasted a week on the left foot.   Bummer!  The right foot is just about flat which is amazing!

Though Aaron hollered and screamed in the casting room, let me reassure you - he was not without pain medication in his system.  Part of his screaming is in pain (it does hurt) but he also is screaming because he just doesn't like the process.  I know this because he also doesn't like normal everyday therapy.  He pitches many a fit when I do stretching on his joints.  One day he will sit and let me work his joints without one peep.  He will laugh and play and will not be bothered in the least.  The next day he will cry as if I am absolutely torturing him beyond reason.  It is HARD to do therapy with him on those days.  I have to grit my teeth and keep on despite his cries because I KNOW that I am not truly hurting him and he desperately needs me to increase his range of motion.  It may be uncomfortable but when I see him have good days with me doing the EXACT SAME THING, I know that much of his yelling is pure theatrics.  We need to sign him up for drama classes!  He just plain doesn't like the process.  He wants to play and doesn't want to be bothered.  Yes I bribe him, try to distract him and do whatever I can to make it easier.  On good days those tricks work, on bad days - nothing will stop the tears until I stop.

I say this to say that some of his yelling in the casting room is theatrics and some is from pain.  We are giving him medicine before the procedure to help reduce the pain.  We also are explaining in as many different ways that we can - exactly what will be happening to him.  He did fully understand last Friday exactly what they were going to do.  He was not surprised when they removed the cast or when they put the new one on.  He was mentally prepared but it didn't help in the yelling department!

Casting just the lower legs means that Aaron can go outside with the brother who is ever creative and always coming up with new inventions!

Elijah's heat-seeking missile prop! Made from PVC pipe, a funnel, cardboard and spray paint. 

......And for those times when Rob starts a fire in the wood stove and the smoke refuses to go UP the chimney....

Made from a milk jug, coke can, water bottle, saran wrap and cloth. 

He makes all of his creations without any help!  We NEVER know what he is going to do next!  I think the boy would enjoy a real sculpture class... what do you think???

Flying the airplane outside...


Just Me and My Wagon!!



  1. I definately think your middle son would enjoy a sculpting class..he's quite creative :).. I just wanted to say yes we have come to the same conclusion as you have about the screaming being theatrics.. my son has lessened in his fear of the hospital and when he gets his splints he is very calm now but is still pecular about his feet.. it is like I'm murdering him when I clip his toenails.. sometimes I can touch his feet and he's fine but he kicks and screams when I cut his nails.. hoping he'll grow out of that as he has with the splints and I'm sure Aaron will as well :)

  2. Julia, the Lord picked the perfect mom for Aaron. Your patience with him and your understanding and even your humor are all being used to make even his tantrums super cute! He will certainly rise up and call you blessed in years to come :)

  3. sophie yells BLOODY MURDER every single time. she KNOWS what comes next and she STILL screams. doesnt matter if she is medicated. she used to scream dont cut me! dont cut my feet off! dont hurt me! now she screams IM GONNA DIE!!! talk about drama queen!!! and boy has she got lungs. hurts my ears just being in the same room. glad to see aaron moving around. I know what you mean in the screaming for stretches. sophie is a screamer for that too. looking at her pictures today from ukraine and at the time I didnt know enough but looking at them now I can CLEARLY see they were reclubbing! no wonder she screamed for 3 days straight when we made her wear the (pristine) AFOs the orphanage told us she must wear. I love seeing your photos. I love seeing your boys.

  4. I'm sure the casting process is painful with the stretching, but I understand the drama too. The yelling my little once does when I wipe her eyes or nose is crazy. Then she'll fall over, bump her head and never make a peep. :)

    I'm glad to see Aaron out and about, and hope to see dimples in the next set of photos.

  5. So good to see Aaron moving around! Love it!


  6. Do you think Aron could get something relaxing for the procedure? Like Dormicum, that makes him sleepy? Just thinking that might help, so that the doctors can get his feet straightened for the casting. So good to see him out and about on his feet again :-)

  7. In addition to all the good things others have posted here about Aaron's outdoor exploits and re-found ability to get around on those little recasted feet, just look at that boy using his hands and arms to pull his wagon! Hurray for Aaron!!

    Maybe Aaron could pretend to be a doctor and act out the casting procedure with Pooh (or a brother, if Pooh doesn't care for the procedure)? Use paper towels or TP for the wrapping...let Aaron tell an assistant "doctor" just what to do if the wrapping isn't something he can manage. This might defuse both the fear and the drama and give Aaron a sense of control.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from Ukraine

  8. So glad to see Aaron out and about having fun. Little boys were made to get dirty, I think there is a rule about it somewhere, dirt equals happiness, or something. You're a wonderful mom, Julia. You have some pretty great kids.:)

    Love finds a way,

  9. You look like you must be a KONOS MOM!!! (that means you look like you've taught your boys to think---and that you must be an awesome mom!)

  10. Thanks for the heads up comments. I'm bringing Motrin for her just in case. We've explained as best we can but we don't know if she gets what's going to happen. She will repeat it back to us and randomly during the day she will ask me about it. Hers will be below the knee so hopefully not too bad.

    Aaron looks like he's doing better with the shorter casts. Praying for his health and his heart!


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