Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trip Four

Bribery Works.

Oh Yes It Does.

Give a little boy a wrapped box (thank you Tracy) and tell him that if he doesn't scream on the table - then he gets to open that box....

Let's just say that we had a very pleasant day with our little one and he is now sporting new red casts!!

Of course he had to show his ornery side once in a while....

And the importance of Pooh Bear can never be adequately expressed...

And it definitely helps that Papa is there to play games with him.

For Aaron - it was a great day.

It has been decided that Aaron is ready for the second phase of this casting process - the minor surgery part where they nick his tendons in order to release the feet so that they will go completely flat.  Unfortunately they can't do the surgery until March at the earliest so we will most likely do one or two more casting rounds (every other week) until he has that procedure.  After surgery, he will spend several more weeks in casts to let the tendons heal.  THEN we move into getting him braces so that we don't lose all that he has gained. 

We are well pleased with the process thus far - Aaron's feet are just about flat in the casts and while wearing them, he is walking heel-toe.  He had a chance to run around for a while cast-free yesterday which gave us an opportunity to see his feet unencumbered.  It was interesting to see his body trying to process the change.  When he walked, he wanted to revert back to his toe walking, although he was much lower to the ground.  He was definitely a bit confused.  When standing, his feet were almost flat which was very encouraging to see.  Since we are sticking with the short casts (this Mama is NOT complaining), his feet still turn in but that issue is more cosmetic than function. 

(Week One)

(Week Two)

(Week Three)

(Week Four)

It was overall a VERY LONG day yesterday because we had a later appointment.  BUT - being at Shriner's later means you don't get to whisk in and out in a few hours which means that you get to talk to people.  We had the wonderful privilege of seeing this precious Reece's Rainbow treasure who was adopted around the same time we adopted Aaron. 

Alayna Rieben.  Precious does not do her justice.  She was not too sure about us as she had just gone through surgery and each new face made her cringe but what an amazing little one.  Her family has adopted so many treasures I just plain can't keep them straight in my head.  They are not done yet - they have their eyes on two more little ones.  All their adopted children have medical issues... And we thought Aaron was a handful!

Walk about Shriner's for any length of time and you will get to meet some amazing people and some absolutely beautiful children.  It is hard to see the suffering and pain - I confess - I want to cry sometimes to see little ones in casts and braces and hear them wailing as they are being treated.  Many - many of them are adopted.  That just always makes us catch our breath.  I try to take every opportunity to talk to everyone I can.  For those who know me - that sentence does NOT come as a surprise!  Of course it means that I also get to share ALL about Reece's Rainbow and special needs orphans etc. etc.  I also get to exchange numbers and take pictures and just all around make a nuisance of myself.   I can't help it.  The memories of what we saw still burn deep within my soul. 


  1. oh my goodness what difference from week to week! Aaron you are such a brave trooper!!!

    And what a great meeting you had with Alayna and family. She sure is a beauty!

  2. I just ran across your blog yesterday. After reading about the "lost boys" i wrote up a brief blog and related some of the things you have written about. i did not refer to you specifically, because i didn't have your permission. would it be okay if i put a link to your blog on mine, other than as one that i follow? we are the adoptive parents of 3 kids, and 2 bio kids. our daughters from ukraine will have been here 2 years next month and then our oldest son was adopted from taiwan 13 years ago, an infant at the time.

    thank you for shouting so loudly about the orphan crisis - most folks have no idea. The Lord is good and as we keep praying and spreading the word about adoption, many more kids will find forever homes.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Gracie's blog. I have lurked around yours for awhile. Seems we share the same life verse, a son with arthrogryposis and a heart for kids on RR. Added your blog to my personal blog sidebar, so I will check in more often. Your son's feet look amazing!!!

  4. thank you! i'm going to "share" your november 6 on facebook - it's so well written!

  5. Every Friday as I drive to work I think about you guys and send you my thoughts. I'm so glad to hear it went well!!!

    He looks so happy Julia! That tongue picture is SO CUTE! Love you guys!

  6. It was so nice meeting you in the waiting room yesterday! Zeke had a good appointment, and I'm glad Aaron did too!

  7. I loved, loved the last paragraph (and the picture of him w/ the blue glad bribery works!) Shriners changed my whole outlook on the world and made me count the smallest of blessing every single day I was there. I've heard the most tragic stories and witness miracles.

  8. So glad that all is going well with Aaron's feet.

    Have you ever been told that he has the cutest dimples ever???!!! Well, he does.


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