Saturday, February 26, 2011

Round 8

Another long and wearisome trip to Shriners.  

Can you tell this little guy was dragged out of bed at 1:30 am and only slept for 30 minutes on the way to Philly?  Guess how much sleep Mom got?

We were hoping for a quick trip up and back but it was not to be.  After the nurse removed Aaron's cast, he wanted to walk on the floor.  When Dr. Van Bosse arrived, Aaron proudly displayed his walking abilities.  His right foot was flat to the ground but that stubborn left foot still does not want to go down.   Seeing the discrepancy, the Dr. decided to order new X-rays of Aaron standing to make sure that there was enough room between the bones in his left foot to actually get the foot to a 90 degree angle.  Sigh!  Once diverted at Shriner's - the chances of getting on the road before rush hour becomes a wish and a prayer!  Fortunately, Aaron does have enough room between his bones to eventually get the foot down.  This means continued casting and maybe another nicking of the tendon (double Sigh!) until that foot goes flat. Sadly, we again sat in traffic around DC.  Triple Sigh! 

The improvement in his feet though is quite remarkable...
This picture is from January 7th.. Aaron walked only on his toes and his feet were stuck in this position.  This was their natural angle.  His toes pointing straight down!

This was yesterday.  Same camera angle. I love seeing those toes!!

And what is a trip to Shriner's without pictures of some of the other children we met. 

Rosa and Fuxia

The kids you meet at Shriner's - they are the toughest kids in the world.  Against all odds - they can still smile their way into your heart!!

I am weekly humbled as I walk the halls at that hospital.  That is all I have to say.

Aaron is now sporting one blue and one green cast. 

Until next Friday when we make the trip again....


  1. Love the blue and green! Sorry this is such a long process, but the pics show the awesome results that are blossoming!

  2. Praising God for the improvement that has occurred and praying that it continues. Aaron is a trooper. The love and care he is receiving is so drastically different than one year ago.

  3. Thanks for the great pics, want to show my hubby the medical improvement that is possible... You speak so glowingly of Shriners that I looked up their Chicago hospital, they have an arthrogryposis treatment center AND cleft lip/palate (which the little guy I want to adopt has).... It is less than a 45 min trip away from where we live!

    Please pray for us! I so want to get started on bringing another little guy home!

  4. The before/current photos are amazing! Many prayers and positive thoughts for continued improvement and strength!



  5. Those are the first photos I've seen that really show his amazing progress! Sounds like a long process, but keep reminding sleep-deprived self that it will all be worth it!

  6. David and I will be out there for Madeline's evaluation appointment on the 25th. We're wondering how long the process will take. But know it;s all worth. Then we'll be back with Mr. Gage! Thanks for sharing Julia.

  7. This casting business sounds very tiring. We will be doing that as well I am guessing with our soon to be youngest. I am so glad you got to meet Fuxia. I love his Mom's blog too. I am praying things start improving with that one foot that is not cooperating.

  8. He only slept for 30 mins the whole six hours there? Ohh bless you! And his feet look AWESOME! I'm there again March 24th. Although I hope to see you I hope you get a week or two off really soon! I know how exhausting traveling is! Hang in there!

  9. Keep hanging on Aaron things are looking good. Love the green and blue casts. Amazing the difference in your feet already. You'll soon have this behind you. You are indeed a special young man and you have a very special family.

  10. We'll be just beginning this PA trekking in March. On the 24th we've got our first evaluation appointment. Thank you Julia for sharing this part of Aaron's life with us. I have been showing Madeline the pictures to help her understand what will be happening to her soon. Then it will be Gage's turn.We're looking forward to what the Lord has in store for all these bright eyed AMC children!
    You're doing a great job !

  11. His feet are looking good, sorry this is such a long process, but it's the best for him! I have a question for you, I know there are families going to the institution where Aaron came from (like Brady's family). Do you think you would be sending pictures of Aaron with him? I'm thinking maybe if people there would watch that the kids are loved, and have food, and clothes, and medical treatment they would change their minds about adoption? I know this is your decision, I was just wondering..

  12. Now by explaining how much I absolutely hate feet so bad that I won't even touch mine unless I really really have to believe me when I say those are some beautiful looking feet and toes :) so much so that I'd kiss them for looking that good.. yay Aaron :)
    sorry you didn't get much sleep though :(

    Kristin :)

  13. wow - glad to see the casting is working... might I suggest Blue and Gold casts for FAST next time? I hope Aaron will get in the pool with us this summer....

  14. Awww! I just found your blog because of Amy (starfish & stones). Good looking cast boots there! And so cool to see pics of Aaron up on his feet checking out the catapult! How is it that toes can do that to a Mama? I feel the same way about FuXia's toes-I've never said that because I thought I was weird! So nice to meet y'all and I hope we get to see you again!


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