Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weepy Wednesday

I've had people wonder why I focus on one child when there are so many who are in need of families.  How can I be so single-minded about Jonah when there are a ton of others who also face transfer or are already Lost.

I'll be honest.  It is purely because otherwise I would go crazy.  Somedays I feel like my heart is going to explode.  Expecially on days when I receive e-mails that just break my heart.

See this little guy.  His name is Easton and he HAS JUST BEEN TRANSFERRED. 

You want to know what makes me want to weep - there is a family who wants him.  They started the process to get him.  He is their son in their hearts.  But they don't live in the US and the laws in their country have made it next to impossible for them to commit.  So they e-mailed me asking if I would advocate for their son.  To find him a family.  Despite the fact that they want to be his family.

That is love and it makes me a puddle on the floor.  Easton has already been transferred.  Four years old.  Transferred. 

Some days I fail miserably at being single-minded.

Some days my heart explodes inside for Heath who has yet to have a family step forward, for Eddie who I fear is going to be left behind despite having a 16,000 grant, for Jonah who is so tiny and vulnerable and for the hundreds of others - so many on my heart.  So many.

Here is what is on the RR site about Easton - I need to go find my tissue.

Born October 30, 2006

Easton is a sweet little boy who was born wtih CP.  He is quite high functioning, able to walk and play independently, even ride a rocking horse!   He is considered very smart.  He does have some strabismus, and will greatly benefit from having a loving family of his own. 
From an adoptive family who visited with him in October 2010:  " Easton is VERY active, he loves to laugh and he loves to play with trucks. He seems almost silly but he loves attention. He and Alina are buddies, they seem to play well together and she gets really excited when she sees him. If you speak to him he listens intently and really studies your face.  He's a cute cute cute little boy!"


  1. Thank you for advocating for each and every child! Even when you are advocating for "one" child, you ARE advocating for many. You just are.

  2. I know I've heard you mention Adeye's blog ,No Greater Joy Mom. Her post Just One is so very true. God only requires us to use our knowledge to change the world ONE at a time. To change it all is God's place and more than we are capable of. But look at all you have done! By bringing awareness to people's hearts you really are making a HUGE difference for many even if it is one at a time. Keep it up.

  3. I agree with Gretchen, in advocating for one we are advocating for many. Check out my post today. I'm so stinking excited about doing this yet wow is it a stretch for me. Hugs

  4. "How can you just choose one?"... that sounds familiar, because I have asked myself the same question many times. The thought of all the children left without an advocate is almost too much to bear- it's heartbreaking to see all the little faces with low funds and no button...

    But while in the ideal world one should give each and every one the same amount of attention, I don't believe it's possible in this respect. You would both go crazy AND spread yourself too thin! So I like to look at it this way: the children with successful advocates are lucky, but they are also paving the road for other children. As the RR saying goes: "Saving the world one child at a time"... It is far better to do what you can for some, than to become overwhelmed by the need and give up.

    Your blog is a GREAT inspirator to so many people, and tells so many tales that need to be told. Not only of this child or that, but of the general situation as a whole. Invaluable! So don't give up!

    Still, it must be perfectly fine to shed some tears every now and then, because there are still far too many heartbreaking fates among these kids. But maybe, one day...

    PS. I'd like a Jonah puzzle bit :)

  5. Julia,

    I know just how you feel. Since we have been home, 6 weeks, our family can't stop talking about the children from Julia's group that were left behind. Then I keep looking at all the other children listed and my heart aches all the more. My three oldest children, who started an advocacy blog, fear that they are not making a difference. I tell them that they may never know who has looked at their blog and what effect it had on that person.

    We all enjoy your blog so much. Please keep doing what you are doing. Think of your efforts as the stone thrown in the pond and all the positive ripples being sent out to the world.

    Please know that your followers are all backing you up.

  6. Thanks for stopping by our blog. (-: It's nice to have our first blog follower.

    I just wanted to say that your heart for orphans is amazing and please don't ever think that your advocating isn't enough. By talking about one specific child, you really are talking about many and you're opening up the hearts and minds of lots of folks who may not have otherwise given orphans (or others in need) a serious thought. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  7. I agree with the others. If I adovocated for them all I would go stir crazy! 2 is just right for me, & it all started with one little boy who thankfully found his family right after the angel tree started.

  8. So sad to hear that Easton has been transferred and his family can't get him. I was so happy to see he had a family -- he's one of "my" little guys. I hope someone is able to rescue him. Is there any hope that his family's difficulty with there country can be worked out?

    Pam K

  9. Julia, Email me at we would donate an ipad or a nook or something to raise money for Easton if you would help us fundraise for him. We R working on raising the 3000 it takes to commit to him or another. But we are not having much luck. Amanda

  10. I am curious if you know where Easton was transferred to? We are adopting Vika who was in the same orphanage as Easton and was transferred to (7). God has kept our hearts open for a second child to adopt, and Easton was at one time a consideration, but since they were in two regions, we would not have been able to. If you have any information, would you email me, please?

  11. If anyone wants to talk about Easton, we met him in October (thats our little blurb on there about him). He's such a sweet cute little boy and he was so much fun. Always smiling, always playing and he and Alina were buddies.

    He's not at an institution, he's at an internat still in the same region.

    My email is if anyone wants to chat about him. :)


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