Monday, March 21, 2011

Giveaway Heaven Part 2

Poor little Aaron.  If he could have his wish, he would take those horrid braces that are attached to his feet and throw them into the sea.  To say he hates them would be putting it mildly.  We are doing everything we can to keep him comfortable and happy and he did have some periods of calm yesterday while we were out and about with drama shows and practice but his world crashed down when we prepared him for bed last night and had to tighten the side straps on the braces.   The tears turned to sobs despite enough drugs to knock out an elephant.  One thing we have discovered about our little disabled son is that he is a fighter.  It is a trait that served him well for six years alone in a hostile world but when he desperately needs rest and refuses to close his eyes... Oh my goodness....

It was a long night.



The last few days have brought the plight of the little ones across the sea into a new reality.  So many wonder what they can do when they hear stories about Kirill and Carrington.  They wonder how they can make a difference.  

There are several ways.

Here are my top four....


I know many many of those who are reading this right now have adopted or are in the process of adopting.  But some of you are too old or too young to adopt.  Some of you have circumstances in your lives that keep you from stepping out. 

That's okay. 

You still can do the other three things on my list.

Pray... without ceasing!
Advocate - everywhere you go.  Yell - holler - scream - spread the word - tell your family and your church and your co-workers - let everyone in your world know about the plight of the special needs orphans.

You can give.

There are SO MANY families who are working so hard to scrape together what they need to rescue a few of the millions. 

You have the opportunity to help them.

And I'm going to help you this morning to put your money where your heart is....

The families listed below are all adopting through Reece's Rainbow.

They are all doing Giveaways. 

That means that if you donate - you have the opportunity to WIN SOMETHING.

Pick one - two - all of them....

Have fun.  Bless a family.. or two... or all of them!!  They need your help!

Just click on the hot links for each Giveaway and you will be transported to that blog!

Remember Alexander??

Remember the video of Alexander and the ball?  Oh how this little guy captured our hearts!!  His family is working so hard to go get him.  He has ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED.  Time is of the essence for sweet Alexander.  His Giveaway ends soon so click quickly!!


I LOVE this Giveaway because, though raising money is seriously hard, this family is HAVING FUN!  Renee and her buddies are working to raise 2,000.00 so that their three husbands will go out in public... dressed... a bit awkwardly.... For the love of one little girl.  Please go help make this outing possible!

This is Frederick.

I LOVE boy adoptions.  So many of them are left behind... This little guy is going to be part of a loving Homeschooling family.  I can't wait to see pictures of him playing in their backyard!!


Doesn't she look like an ANGELina??
This Giveaway ends TODAY!!  So hurry up and help this family!!  They brought  back one treasure last year and are doing it again!!


Okay - THIS FAMILY LEAVES NEXT WEEK and frankly - I can't wait to see the first pictures of this precious treasure!!  They are still way too short of funds to be so close to travel so please help them out!!

Abel and Archer

Are these not the cutest little guys??  More sweet boys to join a loving, Godly family!!


The Dueck's have been offered 1,000.00 IN MATCHING FUNDS if they can raise another 1,000.00.  Please help them out!!  They have SO MUCH to raise and are still thousands short.  They are so close to travel and have been working tirelessly to raise their money.



  1. Julia, I've read a lot about Carrington's situation and can't help but wonder ... is Tori at home now? And how is she doing with Mommy & Daddy at the hospital? Just more reasons to keep praying for this family. God, give them Your strength & peace for this mountain they are all climbing.

  2. Tori is home and is doing well although is most likely a bit confused by everything!

  3. Thank you for posting this, was wondering if would be able to include another fundraiser on your list:
    They seem to be quite discouraged, but still fighting. I think they can use some help.


  5. Oh my heck, thank you so much for sharing our sweet little boy and our iPad2 giveaway!! You have truly brought tears to my eyes, I am so grateful, friend! <3 Blessings to you!!

  6. thank you for posting about us, Julia! Much appreciated . . . and maybe that has something to do with how much our RR FSP jumped so much in 24 hours! Bless you for being the voice in the wilderness crying!

  7. Julia,

    We are SO very grateful that you would include us in one of your posts. The process thus far has been very hard but we are confidant that God will see us through and we will soon have our boys home. You have truly blessed us. Thanks again!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!