Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama Love

The video below is Kirill.  Last August.  The day the Davis family met him for the first time.  He was dirty and smelled of urine from his overloaded diaper.  His hands were raw and bleeding from  being constantly chewed and his ears had infected looking sores in them.  He had on a shirt that was ragged and stained.  He was tiny, cold and so very thin. He didn't talk but instead grunted and hissed.  On the outside he was a wreck of a little guy.  Covered with sores, frail, smelly and filthy dirty. 

But to Tesney and Greg - He was gorgeous.  He was beyond precious. They wanted nothing more than to grab him up, hold him close and run with him out of that orphanage as fast as their legs could carry them.  He was their treasure.  They delighted in every aspect of him.  He was their son.  Filthy - dirty - scab-encrusted - wretched.  Their son.  Handpicked by God to be theirs.  They looked at him through the eyes of Love and deemed him perfect.

They were only able to see him for two days last August.  Two hours total.  In the first moments - when they first met him - they didn't want to frighten him - they wanted to give him space - room - time.  So they gently talked - loved him from a distance - letting him make the first move - giving him the chance to choose.

This, my dear friends, is what Kirill chose. 

He chose Mama Love. 

He chose to be held close.  He chose to have his head nestled in its proper place against his Mama's shoulder.  He chose Love. 

Last week a judge determined in a shocking ruling that this little boy would be better off in an institute instead of in a family. 

She didn't see this video.

She didn't watch this little boy melt into his Mama's arms.

She didn't study the look of utter contentment on his face.

For two hours last August Kirill experienced for the only time in his life the wonder of being loved by a Mama.

He got to feel her gentle arms wrapped tightly around his dirty, sore-covered body and he got to hear her gentle voice whispering words of love in his infected little ears.

Mama Love.

A love that is beyond reason.  A love that sees beauty in filth.  A love that looks past the outward odor and appearance.  A love that mirrors God's love. 

Kirill is their son.  Whether they are ever allowed to cross that ocean and bring him home or not - he is their son. 

That dirty - wretched - sore-covered - smelly little boy needs to come home.

He needs His Mama.

Please raise the banner.  On your facebooks -  your blogs - do whatever you can to shout out that this little boy needs to come home.  Share this video.  If you know anyone in the media or anywhere else who can help this family - then please contact them.  Pass around every single blog that you see that has to do with Kirill.  Mine are Here (Kirill) and Here (Hold Them Close)  There are tons of others out there. 

The Davis blog is HERE.  The word needs to be spread. 

And PRAY PRAY PRAY for the Hook family.  Next Thursday - March 31 - they stand before the same judge - begging for their little girl.  Please - Pray! 


  1. My heart, my heart, my heart...! :(
    Choosing to trust his mama, needing her love.

    I am praying- no, begging!- for a miracle for this family, and the Hooks and Morenos.

  2. Posted this on my facebook today, hoping to get more people praying.

    The video was a big shock, knocked me for six when he reached out for a hug and I cried to see the smile on his face at the end.

    Praying very hard.

  3. oh my.....OH MY!

    That boy knew KNEW what he was doing when he hugged her! He knew. He gets that!

    I've had Artiom home a year and I've still not got a hug OR a look like that.

    Kirill IS in there...he DOES get it. Now he just needs his family....


  4. Praying for a miracle too, not only for their family, but for the judge's heart to turn to our Savior. God is a miracle working God and I firmly believe He is working on that judge right now. Hugs

  5. I just watched this video for the umpteenth time and I cry each time. I just blogged about this and am asking fellow Believers to storm Heaven with prayers for a favorable decision. Kiril is simply gorgeous and he is going to be a WONDERFUl son!
    For His Fame,
    adopted my own miracle with DS - best decision EVER!

  6. I just wish that darn judge could see this video..feel it in her hart. praying non stop.

  7. How does one watch this and not cry? I'm sitting here crying and smiling. Look at the handsome fellow! Look at his beautiful smile! How could anyone deny this lovely boy a mama and papa?! Cruel. I'm sending lots of prayers to the Davis family. I'm spreading the word. xxxooo

  8. What a sweet, adorable boy! Praying for his family, that God will change the judge's heart.


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