Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31

I wanted today to be a double celebration.  March 31 is special in our house and as I prayed through the night - waiting for news about Evan and the Hooks - I longed to be able to share both celebrations.  But despite 5+ hours in court today, the judge has not yet reached her decision.  Instead, during her deliberation process, she found an error in their paperwork.  They will resume court tomorrow, and we are left to pray that the facilitators are able to resolve the paperwork issue so that the judge can render her verdict.  Please continue to lift the Hook family up to the throne. 

But in our house, we do have cause to celebrate today...

13 years ago Rob and I were given a wonderful gift.  A beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed little boy.  Our second son - fearfully and wonderfully and uniquely made - JUST RIGHT! 


Being the loveable snuggler that he is - He squeezed his birthday right in between the birthday of his Daddy (March 30) and his Gran (April 1). So we get to celebrate LIFE for three consecutive days at our house.

Yesterday we celebrated Rob's birthday but I leave the tribute to my dear husband for another post...

Tomorrow we will take Gran out for her birthday dinner.

And today - well today - we rejoice that God gave us this son. 

He has brought us much joy and laughter in his 13 years. 

We are beyond blessed!


  1. Happy birthday to your big boy!

    Thanks for the court update...praying continuing today!

  2. Happy 13th Birthday Elijah! And, Dad and Gran!!

  3. Thanks for the update on the Hooks' situation, Julia. I will continue my "sweets" fast through tomorrow, Lord willing! Praying you all enjoy the days of celebration for your family!

  4. Happy Elijah Day! You are so blessed, my friend.

  5. Happy Birthday Guys! We'll keep praying.

  6. Celebrating a child's birthday is always so fun! Still in prayer for Evan. Why must the judge comb for feels like an excuse to torture them further....Our God is bigger.......

  7. Happy birthday Elijah! You are officially a teenger! Woo hoo!

  8. Happy Birthday Rob, Elijah, and Mom!

  9. Happy Birthday Elijah and Rob! You almost had him on Dad's birthday! :o) I tried to have our 2nd daughter on our anniversary, she came the next day! :o)

  10. happy birthday to your husband and son and gran :).. hope they've all had wonderful days :)


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