Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Advocating Wednesday....

See this little one...

This is Alicia.

Last year a dear family whom I have met at Shriner's traveled to her country in hopes of bringing her home along with her sister.  Unfortunately, the dynamics of their family and the needs of Alicia meant that they could not bring her home.  They adopted FOUR CHILDREN, including her sister, but had to leave her behind.  It grieved them deeply.  They have tried to advocate for her but so far no one has stepped up to go get this sweet little one.  She has a lot of needs but in the right family, she would blossom.  Right now she is in a really nice baby house, but she is facing transfer soon.  Chances are she will not receive the medication she needs to live.  Alicia has NO FUTURE if she stays.  She needs a family soon.

I have posted below what my friend wrote about Alicia.  Please read and consider.  Share her story.  Let's put her little face out there in hopes that someone, somewhere, will be drawn to this needy little girl. 

Alicia absolutely LOVES one on one attention. She is front and center if you are handing out kisses and hugs. You can see she wants a Mama all her own, and it will be so hard on her to have her sister leave to be adopted, as her other sister was already adopted. (Their mother is deceased, most likely from AIDS). She likes to swing. She loved to lay her head in my lap while we were both on the bench swing and I would stroke her hair. The other kids didn't like to share my attention but Alicia was ok with it. I could have two in my lap and she didn't mind, but she didn't like being crowded out when the other child decided they wanted me all to themselves. She likes sensory input. She kept rubbing her arm across my husband's unshaved face and shivering and making the funniest face and then immediately doing it again. She likes to go down the slide again and again. She really likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on, and be included. But often she is excluded, even by attendants. For Alicia it's a vicious circle. She is delayed, she gets frustrated, they don't let her do things the others are doing, she gets more delayed and more frustrated. She is VERY VERY SWEET AND LOVING. She needs a family that has only a couple kids, not ten. She has HIV. If you want a little girl to hug and kiss, she will GLADLY take all the hugs and kisses you can hand out. She isn't afraid of men but isn't inappropriate either. I saw her with my husband as well as another couple of young men who visit regularly. Alicia is on the small side, like maybe size 4. The children are valued and loved at this orphanage. The grounds are visually stimulating and the kids get outside for a couple hours in the morning as well as afternoon. They even go swimming in the pool they have there. Hope someone will come for Alicia very soon!" Alicia is toilet-trained and able to say when she needs to use the restroom. She has tremendous potential if someone would take her home and love her!

Alicia can be found on this page on the Reece's Rainbow site:

And just in case you forgot his sweet face...



I seriously cannot look at his picture anymore without wanting to cry.  Someone please go get him.

Jonah has $5212.50 in grant money. 

And this little guy...


Heath is DESPERATE!!

If you want to find out more about Heath go read our post HERE or HERE.  He is a tiny little guy.  Please don't let his age scare you.  He rides in a wheelchair with another boy.  Both fit side by side in that wheelchair.  I don't know if he can walk.  I do know he needs a Mama. 

And finally - sweet Eddie...

The little boy that no one has ever wanted....

Despite having $16,136.50 in grant money he continues to be passed over.  Why?  He has already been transferred.

Eddie and Jonah are both on THIS PAGE.

Heath is on THIS PAGE.

These little ones need they need to be held and kissed and rocked.  They need to be surrounded by laughter and love and color and family.  They need bathtubs and toys and swingsets.  They need someone who cares enough to brush their teeth and comb their hair.  They need sunshine and flowers.  They need stroller rides and grandpop's knees.  They need church and stories about Jesus.  They need to know they are loved and cherished.  They need....


  1. Such precious little ones! I can't imagine having to leave a child behind...that must have been such a hard thing to go through!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. I am really feeling Sad for Jonah too. He is a REALLY sweet little kid and I'm praying for him as well.

    That is really sad, though,that a little boy could basically have all the money he needs to be adopted and yet no one will step forward. praying for him too!

  3. Have you considered that Jonah is possibly supposed to be with you? :)

  4. I think of Eddie often too. People always say it's just the money...let's not forget people's hearts. We need to have our hearts broken in order for Jesus' love to shine through so we can truly love other people.

    Thanks for speaking up for these little ones. They need a voice.

  5. sigh. they never leave me, none of them.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!