Monday, April 18, 2011


They are noisy, rowdy, messy, boisterous and wild!  They are constantly on the move, unable to follow the easiest of directions, forever leaving their dirty socks around the house, interested in everything that is gross and ugly and focused on anything pertaining to blood and guts!


I have three.

Despite their mess, noise and wildness...

I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. 

Because though they may have all of the above faults, they are also thoughtful and fun and creative and brave and tender and loveable.  They are wise and silly and fearfully and wonderfully made. 

They are boys.

Made just right by the Creator to grow into men who will be providers and protectors of their families.

Boys into Men.

Yet look at adoption website listings for available older children and you will notice something.  The boys outnumber the girls considerably.  They are too quickly passed over because girls are deemed to be easier, smarter, calmer and less risky. 


Boys are the orphans nobody wants.



Most likely to end up in jail or commit suicide when they leave the orphanages.  If they ever get to leave.

The least of the least.




All the boys listed on this page are OTHER ANGEL BOYS 6+ on the Reece's Rainbow Website.

There are many many many more listed. 


  1. Oh, those sweet boys!! :( I wish I could take them ALL home!! We may end up with two yet. <3 you, Julia!

  2. Dear Julia,

    This is something that deeply bothers me too. We tried to adopt Easton, but then the rigid ruling in our country has prevented us from doing so. I often think that if we could at least take care of him (foster care of some sort, but then we are not in the same country...), or leave and address to him where he could go in need, when he is 18, and not yet adopted... :( In that case we would not need to attempt the current impossibility of adopting him, but could still help him in some way and not allow him to be left in the streets. Of course he would be a big boy then we have never met, only in our hearts.
    I think that a lot more of these children could be saved, if the adoption rules were softer in Europe. We would have tried to bring Sasha home too, he is now 6, Easton is 4 and a half.
    Possibly there are several other European families with the wish to adopt special needs children from Eastern Europe, maybe many of us keep looking at the RR website and keep praying for these children. It is not impossible to adopt from EE here, but far slower (2-4 years), and we can't choose our child(ren) in the process, only at the very-very end, from only a handful of pictures... It is a faceless procedure here, almost technical, probably in its current form motivating far less families than would be necessary. But I'm glad, that there are so many US families adopting every year, this is salvation for these children. I wish for more and more of them to be saved, everyday.



  3. I love boys too! Each of those faces breaks my heart.

  4. Your boys are so adorable! What a bunch of fun!.. Heartbreaking to see the boys left behind :(

  5. Ever since I started working in orphanages, the kids who have stolen the biggest pieces of my heart, the ones I have fallen the hardest for were all boys (with the exception of one). I used to think it was so strange. At home, babysitting, teaching Sunday school or whatever, I always loved the girls. Then I read that boys are usually the last to be chosen for adoption... Now I get the sense that God has been preparing my heart for a house full of boys and I couldn't be more excited!

  6. I never wanted a son. I always wanted daughters! So, my first adoption was a daughter. We were never close (looooong story) and still aren't, unfortunately. 2 years after her arrival, I wanted a second daughter, but God had very obvious other plans!! He was VERY obviously steering me toward a son that I, truthfully, didn't want. I can say that now because he and I were bonded like glue from the very first moment we met!! After he arrived, I adopted two more --BOYS!! My worst fears became my greatest joys. My boys are the pride of my life. Yes, I'd still like a daughter, but until God says I may, I'll just enjoy being the mom of three glorious BOYS!!


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