Monday, April 11, 2011

My Boy From a Baby House

Last night I watched the NBC Documentary about the Boy From Baby House 10.  I watched while my youngest played with his toys on the floor beside me.  My Vanya.  My Aaron Vanya Nalle. 

I don't honestly have words this morning. 

In December 2009 we saw Aaron's picture for the first time.  We read that he had been transferred.  Our hearts were drawn to the little boy in the striped shirt.  We e-mailed Andrea Roberts and asked her where he was located.  When she told us the country we said NO.  We didn't want to go to that country.  So we shut down the computer and walked away.

But God.

There were many many signs He gave us over the next week.

One of the biggest was in a 'Going Out of Business' book sale that was taking place THE VERY NEXT DAY after seeing Aaron's picture. 

I was alone - browsing the shelves of the bookshelves.  My eyes scanned up and saw - alone - on the shelf - by itself - with no other books to compete with it - a book - THE BOY FROM BABY HOUSE 10.  I reached up and took it off the shelf.  I stood in that bookstore reading the first chapter and wept for the Vanya in the book.  I brought it home and read it and gave it to Rob to read.  We then had a dear friend carry that book out of our house.  We couldn't bear to consider that our son - Our VANYA - was in the same type of facility as the boy in the book.  

Last night I watched a documentary on that book while My Vanya played with his toys on the floor.

I don't have words this morning.

He's safe.  Home.



  1. Your son is honestly one of the most BEAUTIFUL boys I have ever seen!!!

  2. I cried through the whole show..I dont understand how anyone can not want to swoop those children up and love them..maybe this show will be a turning point for reeces..

  3. I am so thankful that word is starting to finally get out more what these kids are suffering thru. I hope and pray that I can do what God wants me to do to help these kids. I always pray that each post I make will open the hearts and eyes to everyone out there and they will help too. Your little boy is so sweet!! My heart is warmed to read your blog. But to think of all those who have no toys, no love,,no one... It is so sad....

  4. So glad he is home! I so hope that all of the other children come home to the families the Lord has called them to.... I pray that the families hear that call.

    I have heard people say, "How could GOD allow a child to stay in that situation" and it reminds me of the fellow who asked God for help during a flood.
    A boat came by and he refused the help, a Helicopter came by, he refused, a raft floated by refused again.... and when he went to meet his maker, God said, "Why are you here?" He said, "You didn't answer my prayer..." God said, I sent a boat, a helicopter and a raft........

    While adoption is expensive, if God has called us to adopt, HE will provide for us to go..... if we look at the flood and don't accept the answers, as God many times chooses to work through the church, his people, then the little ones who need us so much will remain. People of FAITH, ANSWER THE CALL!

  5. I thought of him too...and Paisley, and Dillon, and Jonah, and Lillian...the list of abandoned children is too long...When are people going to stop discarding children like a pair of old shoes...

  6. You've brught tears to my eyes both yesterday and today. What a priviledge to be Aaron's mom. Oh that more would get the heart of adoption. Hugs

  7. I watched last night in tears, both of joy for the little ones who make it out, and in sadness for the many left behind. Thank you for sharing your story and reaction!

  8. So happy that your little one is home, where he belongs. I agree with Amy. I am praying that as more people hear the stories of the many children in "babyhouses" & institutions across Eastern Europe, then more people will speak up & say "No more! This is wrong! These are human beings like you & I. These kids do have value, they do have potential, & most importantly, they do have rights!"

  9. Your blog was one of the first ones that I found when we decided to adopt our three year old Nikita. I stayed up late reading lots and lots of your posts - it was then that I knew we should adopt an older 2nd child - "Dusty". I really wish we could have watched this - we are "in country" and tomorrow is our SDA appointment. We feel blessed - and because of Nikita - we are saving two older children - Dusty and Sonya!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful son!!!! Thanks for all you do for so many!

  10. I am so thankful that Dateline featured this story. Like you, I found tears in my eyes, as the older of my two cousins from U. had been separated from their younger sibling and sent to a far from great internat, due to very mild CP. Their adoption into our family reunited them, and what a blessing they've been to us.

    This program eloquently illustrated the mindset which leads to the conditions orphaned children with special needs face in EE. Many of my acquaintances outside the adoption community have seemed to doubt me when I've told of small children being transferred at age four, etc. Now maybe they'll believe...and understand my commitment.

    I hope RR supporters (and others) will post comments on the "Dateline" site to encourage other viewers to consider RR.

    Thanks for all you do, Julia..

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  11. Julie,
    God is using you to more than just to Vanya. For one, He has used you in my life, and He is using you to touch the lives of other boys. I'm a pretty bad partner at helping you, but, I am so honored to know you.

  12. I watched it too. Just an amazing story - I cry every time I think of Vanya. I wish every child in those baby houses and institutions would be rescued. It is one of the greatest injustices on earth, in my book.

  13. to watch that with aaron sitting at your feet, that must have been just beyond. i just watched it and it was hard to watch, knowing that it is still going on, and that so many are in need and how much it takes to get just one to safety.


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