Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting.

Day after lonely day I'm still waiting...

Waiting for that special someone to walk in the door and notice me.


The little kid in the corner.

The one lying in the crib staring at the ceiling.

I know that I may never win any beauty contests....

And I'm not going to be the fastest kid on the block.

I'm probably not going to be very good in school either.

In fact, there is very little about me that would cause anyone to notice.

I'm just the little kid in the corner.

Waiting.  Watching.  Hoping.  Praying.

Longing for someone to walk in that door and notice me.

Wondering if I will ever be carried out of this place.

Wondering if anyone sees the special me that is inside.

I don't have much to offer anyone if they look at me on the outside..

But give me some attention, a lot of love, good food, a warm bed, a few toys, kisses and hugs every night, gentle words and a new name and I guarantee that you will never ever ever be the same.  I may not look like much on the outside but I guarantee that your cup will overflow each and every time you see my face light up with a smile. 

I also guarantee that you will learn a lot from me about God and love.  I have so much to teach you if you would just notice me. 

Please - I'm still waiting.

Won't someone hear my plea?

P.S. All the boys on this page can be found on the Other Angel section of the Reece's Rainbow website.

All the boys on this page are waiting for someone to notice them.


  1. I'm always thinking of these kids, wondering what they truly think, yah know. It's so heartbreaking to see them sitting there, lying there and knowing they don't have anyone to tuck them in at night, give them kisses or pray their good night prayers with them. If only someone would see their value and become their parents. If only... Hugs

  2. Beautiful post Julia....and so sad :(

    Our Toma spent 5 years there, in the corner, w/o anyone noticing him either...

    And what a ray of sunshine he is to our family :)

  3. Praying for a family for each one of these precious little guys.

  4. Very touching...I so wish we could find families for all of them.

  5. Major tears... makes me wish I was bringing home more than one :(

  6. Ahh, seeing 'my' Alex in this post made my day. Thank you for noticing him. I know his family is out there and the day they find him, will be the best. I can't wait!


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