Friday, May 6, 2011


It is easy to forget that only 8 months ago he was living in a mental institute. 

It it easy to forget that he spent a year of his life sitting in utter emptiness.

It is easy to forget that before that he spent five years inside two rooms of an orphanage. 

It is easy to forget sometimes that he carries deep hidden wounds that we can only begin to imagine.

It is easy to forget because he is so quick to smile and is so easy to please.

It is easy to forget because he has fit into our family in a way that makes it seem like he has always been part of us.

It is easy to forget until our schedule is turned upside down and the normal flow of our lives is changed due to Rob's dad's hospitalization.

Then we realize anew that our little guy has wounds that are deep and wide and not easily fixed with a kiss and a bandaid.

He has experienced too much pain in his short life to belief that what he has here is forever. 

He is fragile.

Our little fugitive from a faraway country.

He is fragile and tender and easily frightened and deeply in need of constant affirmation that he is home.  Home.  Not to leave. 


Our little fugitive is home.

Continued prayers for Rob's dad would be deeply appreciated.


  1. I imagine you spending time with Rob's dad at the hospital has stirred up some abandonment issues of old for your sweet boy. Prayers that God covers Aaron and Mr. Nalle with His healing hands. My heart is sad today, longing for my sweet Paisley...I am trusting in God to provide for the healing of all of our hearts... Much love, my friend, and continued prayers.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  2. Oh my goodness the change in his face! WOW what a beautiful little boy. I show his picture to my son and he always tells "he looks like me mom"! There is a side of him that looks like my little boy! :) Especially when he smiles. Keeping grandpa in prayers!

  3. I will to continue to pray for your father-in-law and for Aaron as well. He is just a beautiful boy!

  4. He has the most incredible smile that likes up the room. What a treasure. Hugs

  5. Oh sweet little heart of his. We're 18+ months out from homecoming and we still have issues when schedules are out of whack. Oh my, the challenges! Yet, in the end they do takes time but they do heal.

  6. Much love, hugs, and prayers for your sweet family!

  7. Home... that sweet word to those who never knew what a loving one was until loving people like you showed it to them. I know when we have a busy week like this last one it does upset the kids, even my son. Praying for Rob's Dad and you all :)

  8. I can't begin to express the deep impact Aaron's photos of eight months ago have had on me. The huge change brought around by a loving, caring, patient family and also by Aaron's own desire to move on. He is still fragile, yes. But it's not yet a year since he's come home. It's incredible. He's incredible. You all are.

  9. So true. soul-piercingly true. We really don't realize how much these little gems have been hurt by the things they have experienced until the chips are down. Thanks for sharing though- GREAT to see the transformation! And Praying for Rob's dad 2.

  10. He looks like a completly different child. He is beautiful! His smile just lights up his whole face, how bringing him home has changed him!

  11. praying for Rob's dad. Yes, Aaron is such an amazing survivor, but we can never overlook or minimalize what he had to endure to get to you!! (((HUGS)))


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