Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Garden

Dear friends - I am writing twice today because God is moving in a HUGE way in Kirill's country and we need to be IN THE GARDEN... AWAKE... PRAYING....

God is Moving...

The Davis family has been given some NEW information.  Some amazing information..... There is a chance that the Supreme Court may rule in a way tomorrow that would allow them to bring Kirill home.  THIS TRIP!

That is unbelieveable news.

What they have been hoping for during tomorrow's court was that the Supreme Court would disagree with the ruling made by the judge in their region and would send it back to be re-tried. 

That has been their prayer since they first heard the judge utter the words "NO" so many months ago.


Today they have been told that the Supreme Court COULD go ahead and rule IN THEIR FAVOR. 

 IF they do - then Kirill will be THEIR SON after the court decree is filed (5 days). 

Do you see why we need to be praying???

  When I chatted with Tesney today she reminded me of THIS POST

These are her words:  "I feel like maybe I know a tiny little bit of how Jesus felt in the garden.
I feel like I could pray blood drops right now."
Please church... pray.  Pray WITH THE DAVIS FAMILY. Pray that the hearts of the judges will be moved to Compassion for Kirill.  Pray that they overturn the ruling.  Pray Kirill home church!!  Pray him home!!


  1. Our whole family is praying like crazy!

  2. Prayers are on top of the list today!!!!

  3. I will be Praying, or I should say, continuing to Pray! I have such a deep love for Kirill and Tesney and well, their family. This has been one of the times that I find myself on the floor, crying out to Our God for this little guy. I had a dream the night they were told "No." by the judge. Tesney was rocking Kirill, They were wrapped in a blue quilt. And, Jesus was sitting next to them, with His arm wrapped around Tesney's shoulder. It is engraved in my heart and mind. And, I BELIVE with every part of me, that Kirill will be coming Home with his Mommy and Daddy. (I think I need to make that blue quilt!) I have such Peace about tomorrow. ~ Jo

  4. Definitely praying - wouldn't this be incredible!

  5. PRAYING!!!!!!! Storming the gates!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing:)

  6. that is wonderful news and will send some prayers for them :)

  7. Fasting and praying fervently through the night and tomorrow!

  8. Praying still. That is good news for sure.

  9. I am in prayer all day for them.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!