Sunday, May 29, 2011

She Smiled

It was a tiny smile.  Cautious.  Uncertain.  But it was a smile. 

Little brown eyed girl who has never known that hands could be gentle.  Has never understood that a Mommy always comes back.  Never understood that Daddy's are supposed to protect.

All she has known are bars.  

The silence of the other children laying and rocking alone in their cribs around her.

The roughness of hands when she is fed and changed.

But her world is changing.  

Two people have arrived.

They have gentle hands and gentle voices.

They hold her and kiss her.  They carry her nestled against their chests.  It is strange and scary.  Her little mind can barely take it all in.

But she is beginning to awaken.  Slowly.  Carefully.  She is waking up.

The little brown-eyed girl with the sorrowful eyes.

The little neglected one who was tossed away at birth.

The tiny little 2 year old baby girl stuck in a crib in Eastern Europe.

She is beginning to awaken.

And yesterday - when her Mama walked into the forbidden room - she smiled.

It was tiny.  Barely noticeable.  But it was a smile.

Please dear friends - keep praying for this tiny little brown-eyed baby.  She is weak and frail and has spent her life laying in a crib.  The changes that are taking place are overwhelming to her on every level.  Pray God's protection on her little body.  Court is on Tuesday but she must wait 10 more days after that before she can leave that room and that orphanage forever.

Please pray for Moira and the Ferrones.

I have much to share.  We have been so blessed by so many in the last few weeks.  I want to share each and every story.  The Convention was amazing.  BiblioPlan did well, we raised $140.00 for the Lost Boys by selling used books and I got to meet quite a number of people who READ THIS CRAZY BLOG and are AARON fans.  Having someone walk up to let me know they helped pray Aaron home is absolutely mind-boggling.  I want to burst into tears every single time. 

It was a good weekend.  I am glad to be home. 

The hardest part of the weekend.....

Aaron changed.

He's not the same little boy I left behind.

No he's not.

I was bummed.

I'll share tomorrow.

P.S. - Hop over to Tesney's blog.  She is going to share the full Kirill story.  I know many parts of it and it is amazing.  But she is holding it hostage.  Go to her blog and help free that story.  The world needs to know the mighty acts of God!


  1. He'll come back to you. I'm always amazed by how well you understand your son. You just "get" him Julia. Even if it doesn't always feel like that.

  2. Precious, precious little one! So happy for her and her family.

    Brown eyes? Her eyes look very blue in the pictures I have seen. Could that be because of the camera's flash?

  3. Hold on, Moira! Mommy and Daddy are ready to take you home! I am praying that God will provide the strength and tenacity you will need to endure the wait and the trip. I know God has a plan for you, a plan to prosper you and not to harm you. God bless you, precious Little One. You are weak but He is strong! I am also praying for our own little Wilson as we are SO eager to bring him home, too. I am praying for you and your new family. God bless you, each and every one. With a Texas-sized hug...

  4. SO glad that the convention was a success! It's amazing to watch families bringing home their little see life litteraly come back to their little's a God thing for sure.

    Brooke Annessa

  5. Yeah, her eyes are definitely blue.


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