Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I love my family.  I do not like being away from them.  So tonight I am a wee bit depressed.  Okay.  I am more than a wee bit. 

Tomorrow, I am off to North Carolina to a Homeschooling Convention.

To try to convince people that BIBLIOPLAN is the BEST homeschooling history/literature/geography program on the market.

And I believe it IS the best homeschooling history/literature/geography program on the market.

So it is NOT the Convention that is making me depressed.

It is leaving my family behind.

Trying to explain to Aaron that I am going to be gone for two sleeps and three long days when he gets upset if Papa puts him in the bathtub instead of Mama is a bit hard on my heart.


I love my family.

I'm going to miss them.

One night away isn't THAT bad but two nights and three FULL days....


Did I say I am a wee bit depressed??

I doubt I will be blogging while I am gone.

When I come back.... I have some stories to share.

Some really cool stories.

One of them that goes with THIS PICTURE.

Yes - those are my sons.  Two looking a bit on the wild side and one wearing wings. 

It is a story definitely worth hearing.

Sigh again.

I'm going to miss that wild looking bunch!!


  1. Oh my goodness Julia, I am the same way! I absolutely hate to be away from my boys. My first day away from Caleb when I was adopting Elijah, I cried like a baby. I'm already thinking I am going to have to take Elijah with me on at least one of my trips this time because I have NEVER been away from him and I don't know if I can do it. LOL! I'm praying for you and I know your kiddos are missing their Mama too. But that will make your homecoming that much more sweeter! Hugs my friend!

  2. Praying for a successful convention and for you. Hugs

  3. Awww sweetie! I know how you feel! I went to a one night ladies retreat at a friends house and took my 15 month old with me and my older 3 stayed with daddy....I felt like I'd missed so much. I missed them all so much! You have my prayers over the next few days. ~Hugs~

  4. I'm sorry Julia all I can do is cry right along with you. Oh how I will miss my sweeties too :(
    Nice Hair!!!!

  5. Waah! I want to go and meet YOU!!! I'll be praying that you get TONS of traffic at the book fair! You'll be so busy ringing that cash register that the time will fly!!!

  6. PRAYING you get tons of interest!

    Brooke Annessa

  7. Aaron looks like SUCH a little all american boy in that top picture. LOVE the bottom pic though. Ben looks very much like Rob in that picture!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!