Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'll be honest: right now I would like nothing more than to spend a few quiet moments sitting in the swing on our front porch.

But we have been burning the candle at both ends for the last two weeks.  We have another Homeschooling Convention in North Carolina next weekend, and we are NOT ready yet.

But I don't care, because tomorrow morning - I'm doing something special.

I am driving to Richmond, Va.

I'm going to spend the day in the hospital.

And I can't wait.

Because for a few hours I get to sit and rock this sweet baby.

So her Mom can take a break.

Her name is Julia, and she just arrived here from Aaron's former country.  She has spent all of her life in a dreaded lying-down room.  The room in the baby house where they send the hopeless cases.  Every baby house seems to have one: The dreaded room filled with lonely cribs and silent babies.  The dreaded room where those babies receive no attention whatsoever except at feedings and diaper changes.  The miserable room where those poor babies lie all day, where they're never held, never talked to, never loved on. 

Julia was in that room.

Thanks be to God, the Schwenzers have rescued her from that room. But her body is struggling to absorb nourishment.  So she has been hospitalized. 

And I am going to get to spend some time holding her and kissing her sweet little cheeks.

Just this past week the Ferrone family went to meet their girls.  I have been supporting them because one of the girls they are adopting, Moira, has arthrogryposis like Aaron.

I have been looking forward to the day when I get to hold her in my arms at Shriners.

When they met their girls, they discovered that Moira, too, has been stuck in a lying-down room..


Lying in a crib. 

Look at her. 

She is two years old, and she has never, ever been held.

She is the size of a tiny baby.

When they e-mailed on Thursday to share with us the condition Moira was in, I broke down.  I cried for hours. That she should be selected out and judged hopeless.  Cast aside in the worst possible way.  Abandoned to die.

This is how she lies in her crib. 


What good would crying do?  No one would listen.  No one would come.  So she lies there, day after day, quiet and alone.

But God.

God heard her in her silence.

And she now has a family.

They need our prayers these coming weeks.  Moira needs our prayers.  The Ferrones need our prayers.

Moira has been experiencing hell on earth.  Those rooms suck the very soul out the children relegated to them.

But God.

Little lost children are slowly being found.

One by one. 


And tomorrow... well, tomorrow...

I am going to set aside all of my "to-do"s and spend some time holding a tiny little girl.

It will be an honor and a privilege.

And I will be thinking of a little one across the ocean who is experiencing loving hands for the first time in her life.

And I will cry.

The Davis family has left for Kirill's country.  They have court on Tuesday.  PLEASE PRAY.

Pray too for Brady's family.  They also have court on Tuesday.


  1. Julia, I've been emailing with Catherine too, and praying! PLEASE give little Julia S a seet kiss, and snuggle from me when you hold her tomorrow. Prayers for you too my sweet friend for your heart to have a bit of peace and rest for those moments when you are with Julia, and all of the busyness. Love you!!

  2. Julia, you encapsulated the emotions I feel perfectly. When I saw Aaron in the pool with Ben, I cried, because we both know what his life could have been like. No child deserves that. I am glad sweet Julia got out and that Moira is getting out soon. Praying for Brady and Kiril's families.

  3. There just aren't words. I struggle deeply with this because I wonder and continue to wonder why God allows it. Praying for Kirill and for these situations. Hugs

  4. Julia, I love your heart! Give little Julia a hug from me.:) These children tug at my heart every day, praying that families will keep on coming for them....

  5. That poor sweet little one...I have been praying for Catherine and her girls...

    Drop everything...hold Julia...nothing is more important than love!!


  6. Beautiful post, Julia. May I have your mailing address? I have something I'd like to send to Aaron and your other boys. You can email me at jeff and sarah 9 at yahoo dot com

  7. Julia you said it so well, all I can add is thank you for sharing your heart with us in each and every post! (((HUGS))) praying!

  8. Dear Julia

    I have a prayer request to ask of you. It´s not common knowledge but right not there is a huge volcano eruption in my country. We had a massive volcano eruption last year that disrupted millions of flights and what not but the one this year is 10x bigger. The effect of the eruption could be terribl for my country - the ash is spreading quickly and if the ash spread gets much worse it could mean loss if livestock), infertile earth and many other really bad things. So I ask whether it´s possible for you to please pray for us and if possible, make a post about it to get the word out. I now it´s probably the last thing on anyone´s mind to pray about a volcano eruption in a country that´s in the middle of nowhere and few people know about but we really need all the prayers we can get. Things are getting worse by the minute and this has everyone on edge. We need God to work miracles NOW.

    Thank you sincerely

  9. Prayers are also needed for little Sonya and Dusty Hinz, newly home but both also hospitalized in Richmond - for the same reasons as Julia. Prayers for all of these little ones and their families, along with prayers for the waiting children and waiting parents...

    Thanks for all you do for so many. Give Julia a gentle hug for me and your three boys big ol' hugs (go ahead, embarrass them! :-))

    Very best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  10. Julia,

    Your posts are so heartfelt. Thank you! I'm so glad you have time to hold Julia!

    Praying for those you shared about. Precious, beautiful Moira. Her family. Brady's family. Kirill's family. Thank you for reminding us to pray!

    Hope to see you in NC later this week!


  11. Praying for Moira too. I hope she gets to come home and overcome all those years of neglect.

  12. Let me know if they need anyone else on their "cuddle" team. I can be in Richmond in about 2 hours.

    Brooke Annessa


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