Monday, June 6, 2011

90 people

Okay - Here's the deal.

Last year when we were sludging our way through the process to get Aaron home we made a lot of friends.  Some in real life but most in the blogging world.  One of those blogging friends was a fellow RR adopting mom - Gretchen Stewart.  She was amazing in her support of us.  When we were at one of our lowest point in the process over in Aaron's country, she started a website to encourage us.  What a blessing.

Did I mention she is adopting?

You've met her little guy on this blog.  Many times. 


He is the cutest little guy.

They have already been to his country once to meet him and are close to getting ready to go back again to bring him home. 

Ian's region is expensive.  VERY EXPENSIVE.  The Stewarts have to raise a lot more than we did for Aaron and it has been hard.

Gretchen wants the fundraising to be over.  Seriously.  The constant stress of trying to raise money just begins to beat you down.

So she asked 10 friends to help her.  She sent each of us a packet.  All we had to do was raise 100.00 by asking 10 people to donate 10.00 (to get their name on a piece of puzzle that is in the packet) and then pass the packet on to another person.  That person has to raise 100.00 (asking 10 people to donate 10.00) and then pass the packet on.  My packet needs to get to 10 people in order for 1,000.00 to be raised for Ian and for 100 puzzle pieces to be filled.  With 10 packets out there - 10,000 dollars would be raised if everyone did their part.  (Leaving them 2,000.00 short)

Did you get all that??????

I had to read it a bunch of times before I could get it myself.

It requires a lot of faith.  Everyone has to participate in order for it to work.

And they still need 2,000.00 even after all that work.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

All of that to get this little guy across the ocean.

I'll be honest - I'm a renegade.  I am always going against the stream. So when I saw the rules for the packet... well.....

Rob and I already raised our 100.00 (okay we donated it) and we have already filled out our puzzle pieces, but I don't want to pass the packet on.  I love Gretchen too much to pass it on.  I just need 90 people to each donate 10.00.


It isn't that much.

You donate.  I don't have to pass on the packet.  Gretchen gets her money NOW instead of later and everyone is happy.

Will you help us?

Be a renegade with us?

I just need 90 people to donate 10.00 each.

Or 45 people to donate 20.00 each.

Or 23 people to donate 40.00 each.

Or 12 people to donate 80.00 each.

Or 10 people to donate 100.00 each.

Or 6 people to donate 160.00 each.

Or 3 people to donate 300.00 each.

Or 1 person to just go ahead and donate 900.00.

Doesn't that sound a whole lot easier???

Will you help?

You donate.  I write your name on a puzzle piece.  The Stewarts can concentrate on more important things like packing and setting up Ian's bed and getting his toys in order and figuring out plane tickets and other important details like that instead of trying to figure out where all their money is going to come from.

Will you help my friend Gretchen bring her little guy home?


If you decide to donate - Click HERE.


So I can fill up the puzzle pieces.



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  1. Done. Just donated. Here is to many more puzzle pieces with names on it.

    Anna R.

  2. Great minds think alike, eh? Except I was still going to pass the packet along. Now I won't feel guilty if I can't get around to doing that part. Ha ha. Good luck!

  3. I just donated $15.00. I wish it could have been more!

  4. I chipped in and shared on my fb wall. He's such a little cutie. Can't wait to see a pic of him at home!

  5. I donated $10.00 :) I sure hope they can bring him home soon!

  6. We met the Stewarts when they were in St. Pete on their first visit and we were on our 10 day wait. We had such a great time meeting them!! I can't wait for them to bring home their sweet boy! We donated $10 for each of our children!

  7. Just donated. Praying that that puzzle will soon be done!

  8. I just donated $50! Can you write my daughters name on the puzzle piece? Her name is Giselle. :)

  9. Just donated $20. Thanks for spreading the word about this little guy.

    Best of luck to the family.

    The Ritzmanns

  10. Donated $20. Hope they get funded quickly!!!

  11. 2 more pieces in! Praying him home! Can you write my girls names on them. Emily and Avery!

  12. $20.00 closer. And look at all that have given... so many makes so much look like so little. Glory be to God! God bless you Julia for all you do, our family is praying.

  13. In for $50. You can put my daughter's name on the puzzle - Becca :-)

  14. We donated toward bringing Ian home. What a privilege to be such a small part in God's plan for this little one's life!!

  15. Man, I need a more popular blog.


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