Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogger Comments

I know many many of you are struggling to leave comments on our blog and others.....
I was too...

It was driving me a bit crazy because we try very hard to support with comments those families who are in process to get their kids.  It is lonely across the ocean and supporting those families is a priority for us.

So for those who are struggling with the blogger issue... here is what I have learned...

The issue is NOT blogger but instead is INTERNET EXPLORER.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser - you are going to have problems leaving comments on blogger.

The solution..... use another search engine when you want to leave comments.

I had to do this.  I did it kicking and screaming but it does help.

It isn't that hard to do.... just download - Google Chrome or another web browser of your choice (Google Chrome works great for me).  Then use that web browser to read your blogs and make comments.

If you are like me... you may have to do it kicking and screaming but honestly - I hate not being able to leave comments and we really miss getting comments from all you guys....

Not getting comments feels a bit like we are talking to an empty auditorium.




Makes us wonder if ANYBODY IS OUT THERE????

Maybe we ARE talking to an empty auditorium....

Maybe you guys really HAVE left the building.

Maybe we really ARE alone....



  1. We felt somewhat lonely from the comments while in country. Not for us, but there were so many people rooting for Ethan (Gage). We were surprised that there wasn't many comment like we had with Madeline. So now maybe the mystery is solved :)

  2. Well, you are not alone as a kicker and screamer any more! I have joined you on Google Chrome. But I still haven't figured out how to change the "TwoTwice2" to Rosemary ... Any ideas?

  3. I changed to Firefox about 2 weeks ago. I was the reluctant spouse. My husband changed from IE almost 2 years ago and tried to get me to do it, too. Once I finally did, I haven't had a single problem posting any blogger comments since then. They post on the first try, too!!!

    Thanks, Julia, for all you do.

  4. Ok, that makes me feel better about my blog feeling so lonely...Maybe it's time to switch to Wordpress. Hmmm....

  5. I'm in the auditorium! I'm sure you can see "hits" to your page, even when we don't comment? I love seeing when there is an update to the website. Thank for your the Fathers' Day essay, updates on families and children in process of adoption, and updates on Aaron. Will try to comment more.

  6. I just updated my internet explorer awhile ago and haven't had any issues leaving comments.. some people may just need to update it..

  7. I love Google Chrome! Once you get used to it, you won't ever go back.
    Yes, that means I've had the ability to leave comments all along. I'm just really, REALLY bad about it.
    But, you're right. Y'all deserve to know I'm reading and supporting you. It's not much support if I'm silent.
    My humble apologies. I'll do better.

  8. I'm still here! Switched to Chrome myself (and a new computer) a month or so ago... can't comment every time, but I'm grateful to be a faithful reader and pray-er! :)

    Love you all.

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  11. I'm still here! I love reading your blog -- I enjoy reading about Aaron and his progress, and I also enjoy reading your advocacy posts for other orphans. It is so exciting to see prayers answered -- "Gavin," "Jonah," etc. Getting the word out about these kids helps raise prayers and money for them. You have an audience and your efforts are very important and worthwhile. Keep up the good work -- God's blessing is attending your efforts!

  12. I was having commenting issues but they seem to be resolved now... I'm always reading but am happy to be able to comment again :)

  13. oh so thats why i didnt had any problems... i use google chrome :)

  14. Maybe that's the problem with our blog comments (nil) too. I very much enjoy your posts and they have helped me understand so much the world our little boy is in and what future he would have and it has made us more determined to go get him and bring him home! It's also made me realize there are so many others that will be left behind and I am certain even once our little guy is home we'll be shouting from the rooftops (or our blog like you!) for someone (or lots of someones) to help bring these precious kids to a family! Your blog is inspiring :) And I just love reading about Aaron too of course! ;)

  15. Hi Julia,

    don't worry - we are still here.
    Addicted to your posts which move our hearts.


  16. We are here, we are here, we are here...just left a comment on Zara's blog, after I cried reading about her medical history, BUT NO MORE in the name of Jesus....NO MORE LONELY DAYS for this little one. SEND MORE FAMILIES JESUS. SEND MORE!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  17. oh my gosh, I thought it was just ME! Glad to know I'm not going crazy!! Thank you! :)

  18. Thanks Julia! This must explain why I was having trouble posting comments & after trying sometimes 3-4 times I would give up. Ur so smart! :) ...........OK, I just tried posting it 7 times, but WOW, now through Google Chrome it's showing my name & will actually post!


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